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NWiSM February 2012 update & the latest on #NWITweetup

February 8, 2012.Digital Marketing

I had the pleasure of spending last week with my old supervisior and another great colleague (they’re pictured above) helping the brilliant young minds of the Missouri University School of Journalism – ranked #1 in the country – prepare for the Google Online Challenge. They were eager, starved for knowledge and sharp as tacks. My […]

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Going Back to Guest Lecture at the University of Missouri

January 25, 2012.Digital Marketing

I got it confirmed today:  I’m going back to guest lecture at the University of Missouri. My lecture topic: PPC / Adwords. Included in the lecture will be: keyword research list building campaign building ad copy writing landing page optimization and more So I’m told. I’m so looking forward to the trip.

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6 Simple, Basic Tools to Master to Begin Digital Marketing

November 15, 2011.Digital Marketing

My new, old friend is a gifted marketer. It’s because she’s other-focused and entranced by music. Her only flaw is that she has a tendency to live in the 4th row of the concert of her own life because she’s so about helping others – and that flaw is a matter of perspective. At an […]

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[List] As Seen on TV / Infomercial Resources | Direct Response

October 25, 2011.Digital Marketing.#direct response

Sometimes the hardest part about understanding an industry is figuring out all its key elements. That’s why we crafted the As Seen on TV Life Resources page: for our readers, prospective inventors and employees, and for ourselves – just so we can keep track of it all. Please take a moment to read over. If […]

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TELEBrands As Seen on TV product company. Fairfield, NJ | AJ Khubani

October 25, 2011.Digital Marketing.#direct response

TELEBrands was founded by AJ Khubani over 30 years ago. Who is AJ Khubani? AJ Khubani was the man who first coined the phrase, “As Seen on TV.” Blame him or praise him, whichever you chooser. The Father of As Seen on TV and his company have helped hundreds of products enter the market over the years. […]

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Snuggie for Two - Couple Snuggies for Date Night (Bleh!!!!)

February 28, 2011.Blogging.#direct response

Price: Typically $19.95. Includes 30-Day Guarantee. Available at (official affiliate link) “Snuggie for Two.” There are some phrases I wish I’d never hear again but as a friend pointed out, my issue the “Couple Snuggie – Snuggie for Two,” might be because I have no one to fill out the other half of […]

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Open Letter to Tweetups in Michiana on the Eve of Blue Chip Casino NWITweetup

April 12, 2010.Digital Marketing

Didn’t we always say we were part of the movement, not all of it? Of coarse we changed the world, but try and follow through, get off your gold disc and fly! – John Lennon to Paul and Linda McCartney (1969) My name is Nat Finn. I have logged over 5 years worth of time […]

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The Downside of Writing on an Ugly Website | Bad User Experience Kills

April 4, 2010.Digital Marketing

Getting acclimated into the next stage of my career could have been an excuse. A great NCAA Mens’ Basketball Tournament could be a factor. Laziness, plugging back in to the New Media matrix, remembering the blues, getting the area social events…sure. All of it could have played a part. But in the end, the biggest […]

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If I Had But 2 Minutes to Tell You About Search Engine Marketing

March 8, 2010.AdWords

Well, let’s see. If I really only had but 2 minutes to sell you on Search Engine Marketing: 1) I would play the 90-second video from the Google Adwords home page – Google’s Pay Per Click Sponsored Search Engine Marketing Platform and with the remaining 20 seconds I would: 2) Send you to the Google […]

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January 2010 #NWITweetup (Oh, What a Night)

January 21, 2010.Digital Marketing.#nwitweetup

Oh, what a night Late into the evening at BW3s What a very special time for we As I remember, what a night… Last night was my first Social Media event since I’ve been back from Ft. Myers, Margaritaville. I wasn’t sure how it would pan out. Wasn’t sure if it was going to be […]

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Twitter Marketing for Dummies 140-Character Book Review During a Stopover in St. Louis

January 13, 2010.Digital Marketing

While on my cramped flight to Chicago with less then amicable elders, I found my escape in the form of: 1) “Reckoning” by the Grateful Dead & 2) “Twitter Marketing for Dummies” by Kyle Lacy. I pre-ordered Lacy’s book back in, what was it, October & I had it half-read in a few days. Then […]

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Is Your Blog Prepped for Cyber Monday?

November 29, 2009.Digital Marketing

Right now I’m watching the Colts work a comeback against the Texans. Then I’m going to go to the gym and finally get my body back in shape and my energy up. Last year at this time I was prepping blog posts for release on Cyber Monday. How many posts? 7, if memory serves, all […]

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Can Your Business Handle the Drama Caused By a Nail?

November 25, 2009.Digital Marketing

So my grandfather got new tires last Saturday from the local gas station. The tires were part of his pre-Florida roadtrip tune-up. Snowbirds need to make sure their wings are ready for flight. The owner of the gas station & oldold man Finn have been friends since long before my existence. In fact, that gas […]

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The Adaptability of Social Media

November 23, 2009.Digital Marketing

“Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows” – Sun Tzu Do enough research about social media and you’ll find contradictions. For every purist who tells you to engage in the conversation there’s another whose telling you to target and get results. Then some think the roof will […]

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Is It 2.0, Social Media, New Media, or Inbound Marketing? Picking a Name that Sticks

November 20, 2009.Digital Marketing

The problem with getting in on the second floor of a movement is that usually the boundaries aren’t defined. Take this example: Are you a business looking to enhance your web presence? Do you know what you’re looking for? You were probably overwhelmed with a mountain of concepts. Keep those business strategies safe and dry […]

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With TweetUps, the AfterTweetUp Is the One to Attend

November 19, 2009.Digital Marketing.#meetup

We’re getting better with our TweetUps in The Region – Chicago South Suburbs to South Bend. We’ve got a cool one coming up in December – if you like bowling. And Lord help the poor Ghet who doesn’t tie in charity / non-profit when sponsoring our get-togethers. I think #NWITweetUp will grow from a fad […]

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Sometimes It’s Good Not to Be the King

November 13, 2009.Digital Marketing.#meetup

(amazing the things you find when you flickr search “not the king.” Flickr photo by Don Soto) The essence of Brogan’s post “Content Is Not King” from yesterday was: “Content is currency. You’re the king.” Yesterday I reaffirmed my belief in why Content will forever be king. Today, I reaffirm why You and I are […]

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99 Weeks and the Recovery from the Corporate Needle

November 11, 2009.Digital Marketing.#livemercial

A long back-end of 2009 came to a peaceful end. I’ll miss the production crew, but unless something magical happens the synergy in that office we’ll never go back to the way it was. At least not today and probably not tomorrow. “I’ve seen the needle and the damage done,” – Neil Young. I’ve been […]

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2009 Halloween Social Media Revolution in Indy

October 31, 2009.Digital Marketing.#meetup

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. If you’re lucky, those things end up working about better than you could have ever imagined. I came down to Indy for 2009 Halloween to see the sacred, hallowed grounds for Indianapolis New Media Marketers from 96th Street to Greenwood:  The Bean Cup. Today is the last day […]

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Social Media Presentation Video – Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce

October 13, 2009.Digital Marketing.#meetup

(Nat Finn, Nichole Baiel, and Rahsaan Taylor giving a Social Media Presentation at the Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce – August 25, 2009) Finally got the video playlist set up from the Social Media Presentation me and a couple co-workers gave before the Valparaiso (IN) Chamber of Commerce. Here it is The YouTube playlist we used […]

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