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Could I use WP Engine's Let's Encrypt & RapidSSL SSL on the CDN using a custom domain if the CDN is provided by WP Engine?

January 30, 2017.WordPress.#note to self

The answer, in short: The question: Could I use WP Engine’s free Let’s Encrypt SSL on the CDN using a custom domain if the CDN is provided by WP Engine? The answer: Nope, because even though WP Engine provides a CDN, the CDN is actually offered and maintained by a 3rd party provider, which means […]

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Adding / Updating Payment Information in Google Domains? It’s through Google Wallet. Grrr.

October 25, 2016.Google Apps.#note to self

From the department of, “Oh. Duh. ‘Glad there weren’t instructions for it.” The Problem I was having I was trying to update payment information in Google Domains. There were three of my past mailing addresses in there at the time. I was trying to put in a new one at Google Domains > Domain of […]

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How to Add an AdWords Manager (MCM) Account to a client's account

August 5, 2016.AdWords.#101

What you’ll need: A Google manager (MCM) account: If you don’t have one set up, click here to set one up. “Yes. It’s free to sign up.” In fact, the first AdWords account you set up should always be a manager account. Your Client Customer IDs. : They can usually find them next to the […]

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How we can set [formerly 3, back to] 2 Google Voice Numbers to forward to our cell phones

June 19, 2016.Google.#note to self

The solution that worked for us Google Voice >> Settings >> “Forwards calls to:” [Pick your number] >> Edit >> “Phone Type:” drop down: Select one phone type for this Google Voice and set a different phone type for your phone number in the other Google Voice account. You have up to three phone types […]

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[WordPress] Contact Form 7 and reCAPTCHA Issues Solved...8 Years Later.

June 11, 2016.Blogging.#note to self

Article Outline My Issue was PEBKAC Other steps to try Quick refresher on how to merge Contact Form 7 to reCAPTCHA on WordPress Very Lost? Try these resources… Addendum: Why it took 8 years (Don’t judge me). After 8 years, I finally figured out how to get Contact Form 7 to work – with reCAPTCHA […]

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