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A Moment of Reflection During Project 03 Case Study #1

April 9, 2012.Finn.0 Likes.2 Comments
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I’m sitting in the lobby of Project 03’s first case study. It’s 9:30 pm. The uber high ceilings of those beautiful rustic downtown structure is brilliantly lit with a blend of direct and indirect rack lighting. The cars of the main drag keep scurrying to my left as the sign of the corporate bank across the street tries to corrupt me through the double glass front doors. The Wolf is off to the gas station. The case study had to run home to be domestic for a short bit. is giving me an exclusive live look-in to watch the Cubs lose, again. This time to the Brewers. 1-3. It’s going to be a long season. Update: 7-4. The Brewers are learning why Aramis Ramirez doesn’t defensively fit into Theoball. Update #2: 7-5 final. This bullpen might be the worst…ever.


I’ve got an important mission to do in the interim: I’m waiting for the optimal time to refill our iced teas down the hill just before the cafe closes at 10pm. If the barista calls me by my real name again I’m going to…say, “Yes, Ms. May I have another,” and be thankful she doesn’t think I’m told old to be flirted with anymore – even if it’s pity/business flirt.

It’s all about the way I layer my hair to hide the gray

Today is a far cry from where my life was a year ago. Even the more uncertain parts of my life I’m waiting on I’m at least not putting my life on hold for. As The Wolf says,

“Better to be surprised than disappointed.”

I’m allowing the outcomes to work themselves out.

And all the other things I’ve been learning from A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

The case study is a little departure from the project The Wolf and I are working on but since they’ve been gracious enough to let us test Project 03 on their corporate stuff, we said we’d lend a hand with the office hardware. This means The Wolf does all the thinking and I run errands and be smart at lift heavy things – and making sure the cafe down the hill has offerings that suit The Wolf’s pallet like pizza brownies.

The case study is enjoying our offerings. We’re all really enjoying the results and are hoping to officially announce it soon – once the paperwork is sorted out. We said March 1 but the closer we get the more we find we’re enjoying the time we’re stealing in order to get it right. September 3rd wouldn’t be out of the question.

It’d be poetic, too

As for the rest, we’ll just have to see. But right now, life and career is finally start to come along which is giving me time to think about those books of blues for the first time in over a year. To think this is why I wanted my career freedom in the first place. Oh, the way things work out from time to time…

About time to execute the mission.

Update: The Wolf does not like green tea with mint flavorings.

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