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WordPress Speed, AMP, and Mobile Optimization Theme 2018 Shopping List

February 17, 2018.Web Design

I love my wordpress website themes. I love my layouts. And we did a good job of getting them up to speed, literally, but they no longer keep up with Google’s new-new-new-new speed & mobile requirements. So, we’re going for a new one. This time, we’re going to build our own speed-optimized, amp-friendly WordPress theme […]

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"Your Account Is Disabled." Gmail / Google Account deactivation SNAFUs.

May 10, 2017.Google

Preface: is your disabled Gmail (Google) Account is part of the paid (or free beta grandfathered-in) Google Business Apps (now G Suite) or just the free account? If paid / beta Google Business Apps / G Suite: G Suite solution If free, basic Gmail: basic / free Gmail solution If your account is part of […]

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Syncing Location Extensions when AdWords and Google My Business are located in separate Google accounts.

March 10, 2017.AdWords

The situation. An interesting question popped up when working with a client: my client used their own AdWords account to set up an account for their client. Not necessarily the MCC. Not setting up the initial account for the client in the client’s Google Account. “Well, that doesn’t sound like a best practice.” You’re right. […]

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Could I use WP Engine's Let's Encrypt & RapidSSL SSL on the CDN using a custom domain if the CDN is provided by WP Engine?

January 30, 2017.WordPress.#note to self

The answer, in short: The question: Could I use WP Engine’s free Let’s Encrypt SSL on the CDN using a custom domain if the CDN is provided by WP Engine? The answer: Nope, because even though WP Engine provides a CDN, the CDN is actually offered and maintained by a 3rd party provider, which means […]

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[Review] Why LifeProof FRE for our Google Pixel phone cases

January 19, 2017.Google Pixel.#mobile

If it’s true that good things come to those who wait, then the two month wait for LifeProof to release FRE for Pixel protective case was a great thing. Once it came out, Katie pounced on the opportunity to purchase two for our Google Pixels. They were among the priciest case covers, but if our […]

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[Review] Artworks Live Case: It's not worth it to protect your Google Pixel, probably

January 18, 2017.Google Pixel.#mobile

I only had the Pixel for a little over a week when I flew back to Chicago for 3 weeks to help my mother recover from her second knee replacement surgery in four months. LifeProof hadn’t yet come out with their phone case so I risked it and went without protection, relying on the water […]

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[Review] How we set up our Google Pixel & our first 30 days

January 17, 2017.Google Pixel.#mobile

I mapped out the essences of my Google Pixel first 30 days experience in case there was a specific section you needed to get to: Setup Tutorials Fingerscan Verizon Network settings Camera Optimization Google Assistant WiFi Calling What I’m liking Google Ecosphere Android User Experience (UX): alphabetizing apps Keyboard Talk to Text Power meters Louder […]

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How it felt when we shut down our startup [or, at least, mothballed it]

January 9, 2017.Startup.#BiziPorts

I just sent off the first round of letters notifying people that we’re mothballing BiziPorts – our enterprise level CMS system. Now, while we haven’t agreed to fully shut it down, we haven’t done much work on it for quite some time. The last change commit in GitHub was dated fall of 2014. We haven’t […]

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How to export iPhone contacts and import them into Gmail. Here’s how I did it.

October 26, 2016.Google G Suite.#mobile

Here’s the recipe for how I did it from a desktop computer. Confirm your iPhone contacts are syncing with iCloud: “But, I hate iCloud.” Who doesn’t hate iCloud? But, for this, it’s a necessary evil. Sign into with your apple ID Click the Contacts App icon On the left-hand menu, click once on your […]

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Adding / Updating Payment Information in Google Domains? It’s through Google Wallet. Grrr.

October 25, 2016.Google Apps.#note to self

From the department of, “Oh. Duh. ‘Glad there weren’t instructions for it.” The Problem I was having I was trying to update payment information in Google Domains. There were three of my past mailing addresses in there at the time. I was trying to put in a new one at Google Domains > Domain of […]

Read more Great Chicago Sports website. An example that your first website won’t be perfect.

October 12, 2016.Digital Marketing.#startuplife

As I was talking about on my personal site, I was looking forward to checking out to see how it how it stacks up to other Chicago sports sites. But, it’s me, so while reading and skimming, I started getting into the guts of the website to see if there were things they could […]

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How to set up a WordPress install in WP Engine (with Pics).

September 15, 2016.WordPress.#101

So, my wife wanted to make sure she had instructions to install WordPress sites on WP Engine. Here’s how I’ve done it. If I forgot anything, let me know please. Additional New Install in WP Engine Log into to you account: Click the Add Install link at the top: The easiest way is clicking […]

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AdRank is how AdWords determine Ad Position.

August 19, 2016.AdWords

Introduction to AdRank How AdRank works What you really pay per position Tiebreakers: a theory Introduction to AdRank In the last step you learned that Quality Score is the software AdWords uses to determine the quality of your offering on a keyword: ad copy landing page bid per keyword your budget Now, to determine which […]

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Quality Score is how AdWords determines what you can pay per click.

August 17, 2016.AdWords.#101

Clients I talk to get so caught up in “how much does AdWords cost,” and “how much is it per keyword,” they miss out on how to get a positive ROI from their efforts, and how their efforts will be rewarded. To know where best to put your AdWords effort, it’s best to look at […]

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Expanded text ads vs. Legacy AdWords text ads: The difference.

August 16, 2016.AdWords

On July 26, 2016, Google gave their advertisers what they’ve always wanted: more room on their text ads. With the release of Expanded Text Ads, advertisers will now be able to increase the length and size of their search text messages. They are as follows: # Before Now Net Gain Headline: 1 row. 25 characters […]

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Google is your broker. Facebook is your best friend.

August 9, 2016.AdWords.#101

I was talking to a buddy of mine who uses Facebook Ads to seemingly great success, but when it comes to AdWords he’s lost in the woods. I’ve tried explaining how AdWords works to him, but since he sees it through his experience with Facebook, he gets confused. He’s quite smart. Tier 1 Business school […]

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[List] Google Advertising and Analytics Programs (so far)

August 8, 2016.AdWords.#101

For a company that loves to talk about upsells and cross sells and direct response and ROI, Google has a tendency to make finding their additional services similar to a treasure hunt. via GIPHY In the name of One-Eyed Willie and all things spectacular, here they are, so far as I know them, written below: […]

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How to Add an AdWords Manager (MCM) Account to a client's account

August 5, 2016.AdWords.#101

What you’ll need: A Google manager (MCM) account: If you don’t have one set up, click here to set one up. “Yes. It’s free to sign up.” In fact, the first AdWords account you set up should always be a manager account. Your Client Customer IDs. : They can usually find them next to the […]

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Is Asana's Task Dependencies feature available for free? Perhaps? Pretty Please?

August 4, 2016.Asana.#productivity

Katie sent me the link a couple days ago that cloud / browser-based PM Software Asana – a personal favorite of mine – is finally including task dependencies. I even scheduled out social media updates via Hootsuite to spread my joy. I did a happy dance. I picked up my dog, Lily, and twirled her […]

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