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"Your Account Is Disabled." Gmail / Google Account deactivation SNAFUs.

May 10, 2017.Google

Preface: is your disabled Gmail (Google) Account is part of the paid (or free beta grandfathered-in) Google Business Apps (now G Suite) or just the free account? If paid / beta Google Business Apps / G Suite: G Suite solution If free, basic Gmail: basic / free Gmail solution If your account is part of […]

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[List] Google Advertising and Analytics Programs (so far)

August 8, 2016.AdWords.#101

For a company that loves to talk about upsells and cross sells and direct response and ROI, Google has a tendency to make finding their additional services similar to a treasure hunt. via GIPHY In the name of One-Eyed Willie and all things spectacular, here they are, so far as I know them, written below: […]

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How to Advertise on Google. What’s the point?

July 29, 2016.AdWords.#101

For those that don’t know, Google makes most of their money by having businesses advertise around Google’s free online products: Google search, gmail, blogger, YouTube… “Do people click on Google ads? I don’t.” Yes, Virginia, searchers do, in fact, do click on the ads when they search for products and services on Google. Here are […]

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How we can set [formerly 3, back to] 2 Google Voice Numbers to forward to our cell phones

June 19, 2016.Google.#note to self

The solution that worked for us Google Voice >> Settings >> “Forwards calls to:” [Pick your number] >> Edit >> “Phone Type:” drop down: Select one phone type for this Google Voice and set a different phone type for your phone number in the other Google Voice account. You have up to three phone types […]

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[WordPress] Contact Form 7 and reCAPTCHA Issues Solved...8 Years Later.

June 11, 2016.Blogging.#note to self

Article Outline My Issue was PEBKAC Other steps to try Quick refresher on how to merge Contact Form 7 to reCAPTCHA on WordPress Very Lost? Try these resources… Addendum: Why it took 8 years (Don’t judge me). After 8 years, I finally figured out how to get Contact Form 7 to work – with reCAPTCHA […]

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How I set up Google Analytics profiles. I do them the same for agencies, clients, friends, family, myself…

May 2, 2016.Digital Marketing

Here are the tools you’re going to need to perform the task. It’s essentially the same set of tools for any HTML / CSS / jS front end work coupled with some Google properties. If your website requires an FTP uploader, GitHub, or the like, you’ll need that as well. Requirements Your Google account Place […]

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The First Step to Beginning a Digital Marketing / Web Presence: Get a Google Account.

February 17, 2016.Digital Marketing

I’ve written this step for a few digital projects over the years. It’s been nice to see that some things in digital marketing never change. Regardless of whether the digital marketing / web presence strategy is focused on eCommerce, Lead Generation, Direct Response, Branding, just goofing off with friends, or any and all combinations there […]

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Adding an additional AdWords account into your MCC: what to remember

October 2, 2015.AdWords

We’re launching a new AdWords campaign. I’m writing notes to remember everything we need to cover in order to include it into our AdWords MCC account. Here are the steps so far I need to account for: Privacy Policy update: Account Permission access & levels confirmation: Google Tag Manager confirmation: Google Analytics confirmation: Google AdWords […]

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How to [un]format the Google Docs "Smart Quotes" italicized quotes

October 1, 2015.Google.#BiziPorts

Where I first found the answer: I found the answer on Someone asked a similar question. Another member posted the pick and the path: Opened Google Docs >>> Menu Bar >>> Tools >>> Preferences… >>> uncheck the damned box. ****. I should have looked that up 5 years ago. Blogging using Google Docs can […]

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How to set up Abandoned Cart Remarketing in AdWords

September 28, 2015.AdWords

I just finished putting the finishing touches on a cart abandon remarketing strategy primer doc for a client. Now, to work with graphics team. First things first…putting the directions down on paper: For this recipe, you’ll need the following ingredients: Access to the AdWords account: to set up the magic The remarketing pixel on all […]

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Why Analytics and AdWords don’t always match: basic and advanced issues

September 11, 2015.AdWords

I just finished discovering the reason(s) Google Analytics report stats didn’t align with the Google AdWords reports for a client. There were two issues I had to address: Traffic discrepancy between AdWords and Analytics AdWords traffic not reporting in Analytics Here were the steps we took: Breathe. Focus. Remember Google Analytics is a trending tool […]

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How to Recover From Google Panda & Why It Might NOT Be Google Panda Penalizing You

November 17, 2011.Google

This year I was working on a website project I called the Summer of 210,000 Words. It was an aggressive experiment that focused on content and a mix of mostly white hat and a touch of gray hat SEO tactics. It started taking form around February 2011. It hit its stride in June 2011. When […]

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If I Had But 2 Minutes to Tell You About Search Engine Marketing

March 8, 2010.AdWords

Well, let’s see. If I really only had but 2 minutes to sell you on Search Engine Marketing: 1) I would play the 90-second video from the Google Adwords home page – Google’s Pay Per Click Sponsored Search Engine Marketing Platform and with the remaining 20 seconds I would: 2) Send you to the Google […]

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