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Monitoring and measuring competitors’ online activities w/ these Tools. AKA, "Put on Ears."

May 3, 2016.Digital Marketing

Task List for this step Set up a new Google Account and record account details in your password / account storage files Subscribe to Email Alerts Subscribe to RSS Feeds Set up Google Alerts Social Media Tracking and Measurement with Hootsuite SEM Tracking with SEMRush SEO Tracking and Ranking Measurement with Moz The next step […]

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Letter submitted to NWIMeetup The Originals: Bringing It Home 2016

March 3, media.#nwimeetup
Muir Beach. October 24, 2015.

The morning before the #NWIMeetup The Originals: Bringing It Home 2016 meetup, Chris Mahlmann emailed both Allyn Hane and I to see if there was a note or the like we wanted to pass along to the group since neither one of us would be in the same timezone as the event that night. I’m […]

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"How do I start up a networking group?" Well, here’s how we did it back home.

January 21, 2016.Marketing.#meetup

My buddy Dustin Paliga hit me up on Facebook Messenger with the following question: How would I go about starting networking events in Lansing so I can start growing the restaurant more? The restaurant in question is the newest from their family’s long lineage of great places: Bohemian Joe’s aka “BoJoes”, the

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How Ello can stay ad-free and reach their goals. Probably. (Hint: #kcco)

September 25, media

As I eat here in this Subway for the second time today while our apartment is going through mold remediation, I find myself repeatedly checking my inbox for that f*****’ invite. Update, 2014/09/26 9:50am PDT: I’m in. A big, “Thank You,” goes out to Douglas Karr for the invite. What the Hell-o is Ello? […]

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10 special places in Hell for those news hacking Robin Williams’ death for a profit

August 12, 2014.Digital Marketing

I believe there are special places in Hell so ingeniously terrible that the mere attempt to describe them immediately changes their intent, meaning & purpose both in the moment in which they are described as well as their entire history. The hint of the fact I wrote that previous statement means all Hell’s intent is […]

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Zao Island’s 30,000+ Facebook Fans is but one reason to go to #NWITweetup tonight.

December 3, media.#meetup

Latest updates: the holiday party is kid-friendly, free pizza & @ZaoIsland 's latest event room renovations! #nwindiana #nwi… — NWIMeetup (@nwimeetup) November 29, 2013 I’ve considered on more than one occasion what Daver and my last #NWITweetup would be like. I’ve been looking forward to going out to pasture, sitting in the back with the […]

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Passing on the #NWITweetup Torch

October 16, media.#meetup

Passing the #NWITweetup Torch I’m taking a break on the couch before Katie gets home, tracing the sleep-deprivation fog I wrote about yesterday that is still in my head. While horizontal I am texting with one of the Project 03 confidants who is in a similar place in her career as I am. She has […]

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Concluding Unscientific Preface to "How I Would Run the Valpo Life / Family Express Social Media Job"

August 24, 2012.Digital Marketing.#Project 03

Update 2012/09/04 Since I wrote this post there’s been a ton of interaction and, even cooler, a response by and the team. What did they do? They made it infinitely easier for people to verify the validity of the job as well as how to apply for it even if you don’t tweet anthing […]

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Leap Day 2012 #NWITweetup – Now THIS is a Meetup!

March 1, media.#meetup

It started with a text from a friend who’d gone radio-silent. CIA, NSA, NCIS…whatever something important he was doing that saved the world from Terrorism. Or just reading too many Daniel Silva books (Danielle Steele?). It turned into a, “let’s go for brewskis,” and spat out on Social Media and 5 days later: POOF! An […]

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Moments After the October 2011 #NWITweetup #LunchNLearn

October 26, media

It’s 2pm. Jim Ulom of Certified Home Inspections is breaking down the tables after the first Lunch & Learn. Dave Woodson is at the desk showing Michelle Ulom how to use a tablet PC. I’m lounged out on the couch, staring out the window watching the cars whiz by down US 30 & letting both […]

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What You’ll Have Missed at the October 2011 #NWITweetup #Lunch&Learn

October 25, media

Sittin’ with the OldOld man when the evening came tonight. He asks me about tomorrow’s luncheon. I try to tell him: “Most all that stuff you talk about goes right over my head,” …he likes to tell me during commercial breaks of the O’Reilly Factor. Now the OldOld man has been retired nearly twenty years, […]

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A Few Notes Before the October 2011 #NWITweetup Lunch & Learn

October 24, media.#nwitweetup

Hey, guys, We have just a few notes to remind folks before our first #NWITweetup Lunch & Learn. The lunch is free. We tried to get some vegetarian ideas but we’ll have to settle for some mixed dishes. Do you have a favorite social media tool? Have an idea of your strengths & weaknesses. Don’t […]

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Thank You for the Support, Guys. But We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet.

April 19, media

I wrote a post yesterday I felt compelled to write. And I confess that I was nervous about the reception. But, once again, y’all overwhelmed me. Thank y’all for the affection and support. Not only was it revitalizing, but the suggestsions really caused me to pause and think. I don’t dabble in much social commentary. […]

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Michiana’s First Night of Two Tweetups

April 14, media.#nwitweetup

Scheduling snafus, controversies, and an uphill battle were among the events encircling last night’s Northern Indiana Social events for those in Michiana. I would be less than honest if I didn’t confess that my thoughts on the drive up were with them. My thoughts were also on that drive up US 12 along the National […]

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How to Raise One Hundred Dollars on Accident

April 10, 2010.Inbound.#meetup

I was gonna write about the fact that the iPad is coming to the office this week. Pretty excited… But something pretty cool happened over the course of the last couple days, and though I said I wouldn’t always do social commentary, I had to share. It all started with a Conversation on Twitter As […]

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January 2010 #NWITweetup (Oh, What a Night)

January 21, 2010.Digital Marketing.#nwitweetup

Oh, what a night Late into the evening at BW3s What a very special time for we As I remember, what a night… Last night was my first Social Media event since I’ve been back from Ft. Myers, Margaritaville. I wasn’t sure how it would pan out. Wasn’t sure if it was going to be […]

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Twitter Marketing for Dummies 140-Character Book Review During a Stopover in St. Louis

January 13, 2010.Digital Marketing

While on my cramped flight to Chicago with less then amicable elders, I found my escape in the form of: 1) “Reckoning” by the Grateful Dead & 2) “Twitter Marketing for Dummies” by Kyle Lacy. I pre-ordered Lacy’s book back in, what was it, October & I had it half-read in a few days. Then […]

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A Unified Indiana Hashtag? What Do You Pick? (Indirect Open Letter to Amy Stark)

January 3, media

Hey guys – Amy Stark – innovator of the #indiana Twitter trend movement of December 10, 2009 and the founder of the Indiana Social Media Summit – just talked to a few of us on the prospect of developing one unifying Twitter HashTag  for Indiana social media movements. I’m a fan. The topic needs further […]

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Northwest Indiana’s Fight for Social Media Equality

December 28, media.#nwitweetup

I hope y’alls holiday is going well. Staying warm I hope? Fort Myers is being nice to my family. It might kiss 70 tomorrow. So brisk. So, y’all are probably wondering what’s up. Well, the folks of Northwest Indiana are in a battle with Indianapolis for Internet Marketing supremacy and apparently I’m not keeping up […]

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Lafayette Tweetup Tonight – LiveBlog on (If Possible)

December 7, media.#nwitweetup

(Looking forward to heading down towards the Tippecanoe River and take in a tweetup) I’m actually trying to convince myself to go to bed early so I can get in a fair amount of client work before I head out to Lafayette, IN for their tweetup. I’m looking forward to the event. Not only am […]

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