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It's an As Seen on TV Sort of Life

Some Infomercial-ish Information About Us

For some, As Seen on TV is more than products and commercials. It’s steps to freedom. It’s entertainment. It’s innovation.It’s a culture. Morning to evening; weekday to weekend. If it isn’t pitched on an infomercial or accompanied by that legendary red square, we don’t want to know about it.The infomercial world is too crazy, to insane, to innovative, too out-of-the-box for us to want to do anything else.

Do You Love As Seen on TV?

Let me know what you're thinking! If you love the infomercial world as much as we do, let me know! Either contact us or leave a comment on our blog.

New to the industry? Want to know who the players are?

Checkout our As Seen on TV / Infomercial Resources page. We list out all the players that we know of. If you’re trying to break in, you’ll want to know this who’s whose list.

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