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Business Plan outline (update) template and resources I’m using for products, services, and the content engine that will move them.

October 19, 2015.Asana.#business

I spent the last seven hours going back over tasks in Asana and other online resources. What I plan to do next is update the playbook for our products & services as well as the content that will help propel the machine. I swear all I was getting ready to do was watch Cubs / […]

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Kinesis Advantage MPC USB / QD keyboard – after two-month’s use of a 2nd hand, 8-year-old machine.

September 9, 2015.Tools.#productivity

At the beginning of the year I called one of my best men, Gag, and started discussing my keyboard woes. I had just broken my 3rd Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse in about 9 months. I pointed out that before this run of bad luck that previously I went through 4 Microsoft Natural Ergonomic […]

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So that’s why successful people make lists. F***aduck.

December 15, 2014.Asana.#BiziPorts

I’ve never been much for lists. They’re claustrophobic, restrictive. They feel like shackles, chafing every bit of the day. They leave me shaking and shivering, disheveled. I hadn’t been to the gym in a week, again. I’m better. Now I’m on again off again. But while on the elliptical tonight  my thoughts eventually drifted from […]

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Katie’s Macbook Pro 2011 nightmares with the lack-of-Genius Bar and Apple Corporate

July 8, 2014.Tools.#productivity

Update: 2014/07/08 Four words: Palo Alto Apple Store. Seriously. After Apple Corporate said Katie would again have to have the Pleasanton store look at it, Katie did some Yelp!ing and Googling. She discovered a litany of positive reviews for their Palo Alto location. Apparently they’re under a little more pressure to do more than symptom […]

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[Review] Apple Maps in iOS 6: It’s ****!

September 25, 2012.Tools

iPhone Dread: Since I’ve upgraded my iPhone 4 to Apple’s iOS 6, I’ve been struggling with two of their recent updates. Go figure, they’re both Google-related. Removing YouTube & making it an app. One word: “Grrrr!” Replacing Google Maps with Apple Maps I’ve used Apple Maps three times since I updated my phone last Friday […]

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