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Could I use WP Engine's Let's Encrypt & RapidSSL SSL on the CDN using a custom domain if the CDN is provided by WP Engine?

January 30, 2017.WordPress.#note to self

The answer, in short: The question: Could I use WP Engine’s free Let’s Encrypt SSL on the CDN using a custom domain if the CDN is provided by WP Engine? The answer: Nope, because even though WP Engine provides a CDN, the CDN is actually offered and maintained by a 3rd party provider, which means […]

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How to set up a WordPress install in WP Engine (with Pics).

September 15, 2016.WordPress.#101

So, my wife wanted to make sure she had instructions to install WordPress sites on WP Engine. Here’s how I’ve done it. If I forgot anything, let me know please. Additional New Install in WP Engine Log into to you account: Click the Add Install link at the top: The easiest way is clicking […]

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Redirects between subdomains [WordPress multisite] in WP Engine – so far.

July 26, 2016.SEO.#WP Engine

To split my site up into Digital Marketing and Writing, I had to take the Googley-Woogley posts out of my writing site and migrate them to this subdomain. To do it properly meant 301ing the URLs from the Writing site over to the Digital Marketing. I went to check WP Engine’s redirect page. It’s cool, […]

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Setting Multisite with Subdomains in WP Engine [WordPress]: What I need to remember in the future.

July 12, 2016.Digital Marketing.#WP Engine

Here’s what I did wrong when setting up the WordPress multisite feature in WP Engine I didn’t set the subdomain, which I had to do because I do not have the wildcard set for the domain in WP Engine. The error I was getting I kept getting a DNS error in my web browser. I […]

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