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List of funny & snarky military and tech acronyms to consider updating this website to

August 8, 2018.Blogging

Snarky, funny inside-joke tech & military acronyms make the world go round when the coffee cabinets are bare, the Rockstars are drained, snacks crumbs are licked up, and the focus music is already at 11. I love tech & military acronyms so much, I want to rename the subdomain of my tech-ish day-job site after […]

Read more Great Chicago Sports website. An example that your first website won’t be perfect.

October 12, 2016.Digital Marketing.#startuplife

As I was talking about on my personal site, I was looking forward to checking out to see how it how it stacks up to other Chicago sports sites. But, it’s me, so while reading and skimming, I started getting into the guts of the website to see if there were things they could […]

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[List] Google Advertising and Analytics Programs (so far)

August 8, 2016.AdWords.#101

For a company that loves to talk about upsells and cross sells and direct response and ROI, Google has a tendency to make finding their additional services similar to a treasure hunt. via GIPHY In the name of One-Eyed Willie and all things spectacular, here they are, so far as I know them, written below: […]

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Is Asana's Task Dependencies feature available for free? Perhaps? Pretty Please?

August 4, 2016.Asana.#productivity

Katie sent me the link a couple days ago that cloud / browser-based PM Software Asana – a personal favorite of mine – is finally including task dependencies. I even scheduled out social media updates via Hootsuite to spread my joy. I did a happy dance. I picked up my dog, Lily, and twirled her […]

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Setting Multisite with Subdomains in WP Engine [WordPress]: What I need to remember in the future.

July 12, 2016.Digital Marketing.#WP Engine

Here’s what I did wrong when setting up the WordPress multisite feature in WP Engine I didn’t set the subdomain, which I had to do because I do not have the wildcard set for the domain in WP Engine. The error I was getting I kept getting a DNS error in my web browser. I […]

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How to conduct online keyword research (or realize you already started and didn’t know it).

May 9, 2016.AdWords

If you’ve been following along in the How to Start a Digital Web Presence setup series, then to this point you’ve already started your keyword research. Surprise! If you haven’t been, first read our article on “Monitoring and measuring competitors’ online activities w/ these Tools.” “How so?” Because: You now use tools to monitor your […]

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Monitoring and measuring competitors’ online activities w/ these Tools. AKA, "Put on Ears."

May 3, 2016.Digital Marketing

Task List for this step Set up a new Google Account and record account details in your password / account storage files Subscribe to Email Alerts Subscribe to RSS Feeds Set up Google Alerts Social Media Tracking and Measurement with Hootsuite SEM Tracking with SEMRush SEO Tracking and Ranking Measurement with Moz The next step […]

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How I set up Google Analytics profiles. I do them the same for agencies, clients, friends, family, myself…

May 2, 2016.Digital Marketing

Here are the tools you’re going to need to perform the task. It’s essentially the same set of tools for any HTML / CSS / jS front end work coupled with some Google properties. If your website requires an FTP uploader, GitHub, or the like, you’ll need that as well. Requirements Your Google account Place […]

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Essential Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Other Online Properties in 2016

February 18, 2016.Digital Marketing

Article summary Now, let’s begin with the first 21ish of 13 properties [you’ll see why] The next batch of properties you should get while you’re at it Other local directories that are worth it Video streaming content apps Incredible double-secret probation bonus tips: own the misspellings Before we begin, please note that doing business online, […]

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The First Step to Beginning a Digital Marketing / Web Presence: Get a Google Account.

February 17, 2016.Digital Marketing

I’ve written this step for a few digital projects over the years. It’s been nice to see that some things in digital marketing never change. Regardless of whether the digital marketing / web presence strategy is focused on eCommerce, Lead Generation, Direct Response, Branding, just goofing off with friends, or any and all combinations there […]

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Questions to ask premium WordPress hosting services. I hope.

January 15, 2016.Digital Marketing.#BiziPorts
Startup Stock Photos

Yes. Chris & I are currently building an enterprise-level e-CMS platform and yet I’m still looking at premium WordPress hosting solutions for a project. More on the why below. But first, here are the questions I sent WP Engine, Pagely, A Small Orange, and GoDaddy – with updates and amendments based on peer suggestions (thank […]

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10 special places in Hell for those news hacking Robin Williams’ death for a profit

August 12, 2014.Digital Marketing

I believe there are special places in Hell so ingeniously terrible that the mere attempt to describe them immediately changes their intent, meaning & purpose both in the moment in which they are described as well as their entire history. The hint of the fact I wrote that previous statement means all Hell’s intent is […]

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How workouts help my productivity & career (even if it doesn't help my LinkedIn profile)

July 30, 2014.Digital Marketing

It’s taken me years to come to terms with it, but I am still an athlete to some degree. A good one? Physically speaking, ‘Hellnaw. I’m about 55 lbs away from that, and when I get back to my playing weight I will forever be, “for my age bracket.” But as much as I try […]

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How to Order Proactiv While Avoiding the Auto-Ship "Scam"

January 22, 2013.Digital Marketing.#direct response

For those looking: Compare Prices at (official affiliate link) Proactiv comes under casual scrutiny regarding their auto-ship / continuity program. What is an auto-ship program? It’s like a magazine subscription but for different products. They’re typically used in DVD collections, supplments & enhances are beauty products. Proactiv is one of the biggest autoship programs […]

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The BakedFinn hard launch is coming

October 22, 2012.Digital Marketing.#BakedFinn

I’m at that stage of the flu where I think I have energy and prepare to be productive. Then I blink and three hours of deep, unfettered sleep goes by. Well, two halves of 90 minutes because I can’t hide like I could at this time last year. Lists, lists, lists The last of the […]

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And Project 03 Is… [a Motown Moment]

September 9, 2012.Digital Marketing.#BakedFinn

So, The Wolf, myself and a few others have been working on a project we’ve titled Project 03. We said we’d announce what it is on September 3rd, 2012. We were a bit quiet, but we’re no longer quiet. Project 03 is… …Going to be announced later. WTF? Why? It’s not because we don’t want […]

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Concluding Unscientific Preface to "How I Would Run the Valpo Life / Family Express Social Media Job"

August 24, 2012.Digital Marketing.#Project 03

Update 2012/09/04 Since I wrote this post there’s been a ton of interaction and, even cooler, a response by and the team. What did they do? They made it infinitely easier for people to verify the validity of the job as well as how to apply for it even if you don’t tweet anthing […]

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We’ve never built Project 03 before

July 11, 2012.Digital Marketing.#Project 02

The last three to four weeks have been as exhausted as I’ve been in awhile. That good kind of exhausted. Not that kind where the weight of the world is on your shoulders and it’s looking to recruit any and all comers to add to the misery. I don’t need to take a load off, […]

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A Moment of Reflection During Project 03 Case Study #1

April 9, 2012.Digital Marketing.#Project 03

I’m sitting in the lobby of Project 03’s first case study. It’s 9:30 pm. The uber high ceilings of those beautiful rustic downtown structure is brilliantly lit with a blend of direct and indirect rack lighting. The cars of the main drag keep scurrying to my left as the sign of the corporate bank across […]

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