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WordPress Speed, AMP, and Mobile Optimization Theme 2018 Shopping List

February 17, 2018.Web Design

I love my wordpress website themes. I love my layouts. And we did a good job of getting them up to speed, literally, but they no longer keep up with Google’s new-new-new-new speed & mobile requirements. So, we’re going for a new one. This time, we’re going to build our own speed-optimized, amp-friendly WordPress theme […]

Read more Great Chicago Sports website. An example that your first website won’t be perfect.

October 12, 2016.Digital Marketing.#startuplife

As I was talking about on my personal site, I was looking forward to checking out to see how it how it stacks up to other Chicago sports sites. But, it’s me, so while reading and skimming, I started getting into the guts of the website to see if there were things they could […]

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The Downside of Writing on an Ugly Website | Bad User Experience Kills

April 4, 2010.Digital Marketing

Getting acclimated into the next stage of my career could have been an excuse. A great NCAA Mens’ Basketball Tournament could be a factor. Laziness, plugging back in to the New Media matrix, remembering the blues, getting the area social events…sure. All of it could have played a part. But in the end, the biggest […]

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