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One of the elements for me to get them infernal books finished and published is my career. As a digital / internet marketer, I didn't want to do the public speaking / write an eBook / get my own infomercial route. I wanted any notoriety I achieved to be based on something substantial that was accomplished instead of telling people that I was successful so they believe it.

My career path took to developing an startup platform along with an agency. This is the section where I talk about our progress with the startup platform. Once it is ready for more of a public market I will quit using the name, project 03 and go with its real name. In fact, I think we finally decided on the name.

As for the rest, please see the latest updates below.

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How it felt when we shut down our startup [or, at least, mothballed it]

January 9, 2017.Startup.#BiziPorts

I just sent off the first round of letters notifying people that we’re mothballing BiziPorts – our enterprise level CMS system. Now, while we haven’t agreed to fully shut it down, we haven’t done much work on it for quite some time. The last change commit in GitHub was dated fall of 2014. We haven’t […]

Read more Great Chicago Sports website. An example that your first website won’t be perfect.

October 12, 2016.Digital Marketing.#startuplife

As I was talking about on my personal site, I was looking forward to checking out to see how it how it stacks up to other Chicago sports sites. But, it’s me, so while reading and skimming, I started getting into the guts of the website to see if there were things they could […]

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"How do I start up a networking group?" Well, here’s how we did it back home.

January 21, 2016.Marketing.#meetup

My buddy Dustin Paliga hit me up on Facebook Messenger with the following question: How would I go about starting networking events in Lansing so I can start growing the restaurant more? The restaurant in question is the newest from their family’s long lineage of great places: Bohemian Joe’s aka “BoJoes”, the

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Business Plan outline (update) template and resources I’m using for products, services, and the content engine that will move them.

October 19, 2015.Asana.#business

I spent the last seven hours going back over tasks in Asana and other online resources. What I plan to do next is update the playbook for our products & services as well as the content that will help propel the machine. I swear all I was getting ready to do was watch Cubs / […]

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Taking a startup platform out of prototype is like having your memory erased but being left with a cache of notes

October 10, 2014.Startup.#BiziPorts

The long, hard road to getting back to Project 03 is back in my sights. Turn signal on, hand over hand on the wheel. I spent more time on it today than I had in the last few weeks. Of course, then we had a glitch so I spent most of the time looking to […]

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How Ello can stay ad-free and reach their goals. Probably. (Hint: #kcco)

September 25, media

As I eat here in this Subway for the second time today while our apartment is going through mold remediation, I find myself repeatedly checking my inbox for that f*****’ invite. Update, 2014/09/26 9:50am PDT: I’m in. A big, “Thank You,” goes out to Douglas Karr for the invite. What the Hell-o is Ello? […]

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2014 personal website reminders – the all nighter checklist

May 30, 2014.Startup.#Project 03

We’ve got 3 sites to push out with a couple more in talks and so I stayed up all night working on this site. Why? Because I’ve had a website since Jonathan Thomas showed me how to put up a WordPress site nearly 6 years ago and this is the first time I’ve ever had […]

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From #SWOT to Product Offering Sketch Prep for the Project 03 #Startup

October 21, 2013.Startup

Afer a great weekend recovering with Katie, I should make this short and get back to getting up in the morning. This week I’m looking forward to finishing up sketching our final product offerings to take our next Euchre Session so we can decide when and what offerings should be available: Beta Stage 1 Stage […]

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Decompression during Project 03 SWOT analyses

October 20, 2013.Marketing.#Project 03

With family situations on both sides of our household over the last year needing our undivided attention at times as well as a constant testing and refinement of Project 03, the load can take its toll if not enough rest is spaced out. We got to Friday night and crashed With our first weekend to […]

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Passing on the #NWITweetup Torch

October 16, media.#meetup

Passing the #NWITweetup Torch I’m taking a break on the couch before Katie gets home, tracing the sleep-deprivation fog I wrote about yesterday that is still in my head. While horizontal I am texting with one of the Project 03 confidants who is in a similar place in her career as I am. She has […]

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Bake’s innovation has lead to the Project 03 Euchre Sessions

October 12, 2013.Startup.#Project 03

That last six months have been quite the adventure. An innovation Bake (The Wolf) threw into Project 03 has turned the project on its head in the most beautiful way. It took us 4 months to figure out just what the Hell the purpose for it was, but once we got into playing with it […]

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We’ve never built Project 03 before

July 11, 2012.Digital Marketing.#Project 02

The last three to four weeks have been as exhausted as I’ve been in awhile. That good kind of exhausted. Not that kind where the weight of the world is on your shoulders and it’s looking to recruit any and all comers to add to the misery. I don’t need to take a load off, […]

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First Time, Custom. Second Time, Template.

April 29, 2012.Marketing.#Project 03

This past week was somewhere between the most frustrating and the most rewarding week I’ve had in awhile. I don’t think I’ve answered that many emails since 2006 – my year at the old agency. But as the running theme of Project 03 holds true, the first time you do something it is custom, the […]

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Take a Wrecking Ball to Startup Project 02

March 5, 2012.Startup

It’s about 1:30am somewhere between Sunday Night & Monday morning. Me and the Wolf are putting the internet equivalent of a wrecking ball through the last of Project 02 as we take the pieces and fit them into Project 03 where available. There’s a part of me that’s sad about collecting up the pieces. The […]

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But When You Have to Do a Marketing Strategy For Yourself…

March 5, 2012.Marketing

It’s 11pm. I’m on 2 hours of sleep as we were taking a wrecking ball to Project 02, and I’ve written 8,0000 words today already. But I told myself I have to keep blogging because as Douglas Karr would say, “Once you start you can’t stop.” And It’s Part of My Job Luckily, the Marketing […]

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The Speed of Collaboration

January 26, 2012.Startup

If you watch enough sports you’ll eventually find an explanation for every side of the story. The Bulls won their 6 titles because they had Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen & a 4-spot who was considered top 5 in the game at that time. First Horace Grant; then Dennis Rodman. But in 1997 it took a […]

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6 Simple, Basic Tools to Master to Begin Digital Marketing

November 15, 2011.Digital Marketing

My new, old friend is a gifted marketer. It’s because she’s other-focused and entranced by music. Her only flaw is that she has a tendency to live in the 4th row of the concert of her own life because she’s so about helping others – and that flaw is a matter of perspective. At an […]

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Moments After the October 2011 #NWITweetup #LunchNLearn

October 26, media

It’s 2pm. Jim Ulom of Certified Home Inspections is breaking down the tables after the first Lunch & Learn. Dave Woodson is at the desk showing Michelle Ulom how to use a tablet PC. I’m lounged out on the couch, staring out the window watching the cars whiz by down US 30 & letting both […]

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What You’ll Have Missed at the October 2011 #NWITweetup #Lunch&Learn

October 25, media

Sittin’ with the OldOld man when the evening came tonight. He asks me about tomorrow’s luncheon. I try to tell him: “Most all that stuff you talk about goes right over my head,” …he likes to tell me during commercial breaks of the O’Reilly Factor. Now the OldOld man has been retired nearly twenty years, […]

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A Few Notes Before the October 2011 #NWITweetup Lunch & Learn

October 24, media.#nwitweetup

Hey, guys, We have just a few notes to remind folks before our first #NWITweetup Lunch & Learn. The lunch is free. We tried to get some vegetarian ideas but we’ll have to settle for some mixed dishes. Do you have a favorite social media tool? Have an idea of your strengths & weaknesses. Don’t […]

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