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27 Posts Here Great Chicago Sports website. An example that your first website won’t be perfect.

October 12, 2016.Digital Marketing.#startuplife

As I was talking about on my personal site, I was looking forward to checking out to see how it how it stacks up to other Chicago sports sites. But, it’s me, so while reading and skimming, I started getting into the guts of the website to see if there were things they could […]

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Redirects between subdomains [WordPress multisite] in WP Engine – so far.

July 26, 2016.SEO.#WP Engine

To split my site up into Digital Marketing and Writing, I had to take the Googley-Woogley posts out of my writing site and migrate them to this subdomain. To do it properly meant 301ing the URLs from the Writing site over to the Digital Marketing. I went to check WP Engine’s redirect page. It’s cool, […]

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Setting Multisite with Subdomains in WP Engine [WordPress]: What I need to remember in the future.

July 12, 2016.Digital Marketing.#WP Engine

Here’s what I did wrong when setting up the WordPress multisite feature in WP Engine I didn’t set the subdomain, which I had to do because I do not have the wildcard set for the domain in WP Engine. The error I was getting I kept getting a DNS error in my web browser. I […]

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How to conduct online keyword research (or realize you already started and didn’t know it).

May 9, 2016.AdWords

If you’ve been following along in the How to Start a Digital Web Presence setup series, then to this point you’ve already started your keyword research. Surprise! If you haven’t been, first read our article on “Monitoring and measuring competitors’ online activities w/ these Tools.” “How so?” Because: You now use tools to monitor your […]

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Monitoring and measuring competitors’ online activities w/ these Tools. AKA, "Put on Ears."

May 3, 2016.Digital Marketing

Task List for this step Set up a new Google Account and record account details in your password / account storage files Subscribe to Email Alerts Subscribe to RSS Feeds Set up Google Alerts Social Media Tracking and Measurement with Hootsuite SEM Tracking with SEMRush SEO Tracking and Ranking Measurement with Moz The next step […]

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What in the Blue Hell Is the Google Over-Optimzation Penalty

April 15, 2012.SEO

This is why I only make writing about SEO a part of the site and seldom get past the basics unless me or a client needs the information: because the rest is plumb stupid. What Do I Mean? At SXSW – South By Southwest – there was an SEO Panel. Matt Cutts, official Google webspam […]

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Real estate SEO notes for commercial Real Estate Disruption speaker proposal & for a client (for later use)

February 9, 2012.SEO.#Project 03

A buddy of mine, Duke Long, is putting together events called the Commercial Real Estate Disruption Events. He doesn’t dance around the benefits of the program: Free. Interactive. Innovation. Learning Sharing and Collaboration. Hackathon Start up Geek Fest. Networking and Face to Face. Oh yea and BOOZE! Duke did a call out for speakers. As […]

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Never Do Offsite SEO Without Performing an Analysis First

January 23, 2012.SEO.#analysis

Had a buddy of mine call me up today in an East Coast rush. “Dude, I need some SEO done quick and dirty.” “Um, why?” I asked, now pissed that I turned down the volume on my first listening of Dizzie Gillespie: The Verve & Philips Small Group Sessions just to be pitched on spam […]

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Offsite SEO: Post-Panda Checklist

December 15, 2011.SEO

Offsite SEO. So Important. Such a pain in the ass. Especially with the way Google keeps changing everything. I take that back, It’s just become tougher to do because of Google Panda and the Machine learning. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact, it’s help give even more direction to the way […]

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How to Recover From Google Panda & Why It Might NOT Be Google Panda Penalizing You

November 17, 2011.Google

This year I was working on a website project I called the Summer of 210,000 Words. It was an aggressive experiment that focused on content and a mix of mostly white hat and a touch of gray hat SEO tactics. It started taking form around February 2011. It hit its stride in June 2011. When […]

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Google Panda's Engineer Is Named Biswanath Panda (not "Navneet") and I Hate Him. I Hate Him.

November 17, 2011.SEO

Update 2015-02-02: Mad, incredibly-belated shoutout to SEO By the Sea‘s Bill Slawski for pointing out that, yes, even Rand makes a mistake now and again. Google Panda’s Engineer is actually named Biswanath Panda, not Navneet. By the way, Bill. You’re gonna love it out here on this Coast. This is coming from a Chicagoan who […]

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Yoast SEO Plugin [Review], Yoast Google Analytics & Yoast SEO Data Converter. Use Them, WordPressers

November 15, 2011.SEO

For my WordPressier projects I used to use plugins for the following: XML Sitemap Google Analytics Google Webmaster Verification via metatags Dofollow Comments

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Onsite SEO Checklist – Basic (Draft 1)

November 10, 2011.SEO

An onsite SEO checklist is an evolving document given the fact that search engines are constantly updating their algorithm. Trying to keep all the factors in one place becomes daunting. But it’s better than trying to keep it all in your head. I use this checklist as much as I have it out there for […]

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Anatomy of Search Engine Optimization – Traffic, Content & Links

November 3, 2011.SEO

The Definition of SEO Seattle-based SEO Firm SEOMoz defines SEO as: “the active practice of optimizing a web site by improving internal and external aspects in order to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines.” The Goal in SEO The overall goal in SEO is to generate relevant traffic to your website via […]

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Search Engine History 101

November 3, 2011.SEO

According to a few sources, search engine history predates Al Gore’s invention of the internets. While most sources pin the start of the modern search engine around 1990, points out that search technology started as far back as 1940s when an article in The Atlantic Monthly urged scientists to build one collective center of […]

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URL Suffix Tips I Think I’ll Use

November 2, 2011.SEO

I’m working on a project with the Wolf and we’re trying to decide just exactly how to get our URL structures to fit all the data. E-commerce can be a b****…brat like that. The reason: We try to keep all the pages in the .com/here/or-here/ level so as to tell the search engines that the […]

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Toledo Blade "Paper Without the Paper" First Impressions

December 9, 2010.SEO

Hi, Paul, I took a look at the “Paper without the Paper” beta program that the Toledo Blade is testing. Thank you for the invite! My initial thought is that it appears the work is redundant. I understand that taking electronic images of the newspaper that are being repurposed for users, but the initial approach […]

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How I Would Handle the Philadelphia $300 Blog License

August 23, 2010.Blogging

In a stroke of brilliance, the city of Philadelphia, PA is considering making bloggers play $300 a year for a business privilege license in order to blog with an ad on their site. The art form once called “journaling,” is now being conceived as a potential to make money. And I thought only the sports […]

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If I Had But 2 Minutes to Tell You About Search Engine Marketing

March 8, 2010.AdWords

Well, let’s see. If I really only had but 2 minutes to sell you on Search Engine Marketing: 1) I would play the 90-second video from the Google Adwords home page – Google’s Pay Per Click Sponsored Search Engine Marketing Platform and with the remaining 20 seconds I would: 2) Send you to the Google […]

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How to Inbound Market in an Age of Skepticism – Edelman Trust Barometer 2010

February 8, 2010.Inbound

I’m sitting here in my friend’s office at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. The first class I taught went surprisingly well. Of course I broadcasted the event on UStream but didn’t record it. Mistakes to be corrected tomorrow. I was also happy to see I had so many asking questions, staying attentive, and […]

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