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List of funny & snarky military and tech acronyms to consider updating this website to

August 8, 2018.Blogging

Snarky, funny inside-joke tech & military acronyms make the world go round when the coffee cabinets are bare, the Rockstars are drained, snacks crumbs are licked up, and the focus music is already at 11. I love tech & military acronyms so much, I want to rename the subdomain of my tech-ish day-job site after […]

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[WordPress] Contact Form 7 and reCAPTCHA Issues Solved...8 Years Later.

June 11, 2016.Blogging.#note to self

Article Outline My Issue was PEBKAC Other steps to try Quick refresher on how to merge Contact Form 7 to reCAPTCHA on WordPress Very Lost? Try these resources… Addendum: Why it took 8 years (Don’t judge me). After 8 years, I finally figured out how to get Contact Form 7 to work – with reCAPTCHA […]

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How I’ll start a content schedule & calendar, and the tools I’ll use to implement it for this site (and probably the other projects)

September 10, 2015.Blogging

Most people think using a blog on a website is a fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants, let-the-writing-be-your-guide endeavor that once one has thrown up enough content, the money pours in like a hacked ATM machine. It would explain why most blogs in the world have probably less than 20 articles and sit gathering cobwebs from search engine spiders, but […]

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Nothing has to be ‘perfect’ perfect in Content Marketing / Blogging [The Bruer Sessions Pt. 1]

September 8, 2015.Blogging.#BiziPorts

I just took our buddy, Bruer, to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART train station so he can head back to his condo in The Region. Great stay. As always. Once again, he didn’t get a true “California” stay. On the first visit, he got to witness our private, legal wedding ceremony. On the second visit he only […]

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Can I Use Two Blog Commenting Systems?

November 18, 2012.Blogging.#Project 03

So I’m scrambling to get the last bit of the thought leader sites together before I head out to Southwest Florida for the holidays. We’re running three thought leader blogs with a fourth blog starting in 2013. And that’s assuming we don’t do any writing for that game changing site that’s about to go live. […]

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Why I’ll Always Go Back to Blog Indiana

August 29, 2012.Blogging

For those that don’t know, Blog Indiana is the place that inspired my career. Back in 2008, with the exception of a beautiful side writing gig I regret not taking full time, I only saw infomercial and niche product ecommerce websites, blogging and live event registrations. We saw heavy traffic from TV budgets and only […]

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Components of a Blog

February 10, 2012.Blogging.#Project 03

While working on Project 03, one of the questions we had to address was to ask what made a blog a blog. At first the question sounds simple. Spout off, “It’s like WordPress,” or “Drupal,“ or – God help me, “Blogger.” If you say The Social Network, in the beginning, Zuckerberg is liveblogging with vintage […]

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Snuggie for Two - Couple Snuggies for Date Night (Bleh!!!!)

February 28, 2011.Blogging.#direct response

Price: Typically $19.95. Includes 30-Day Guarantee. Available at (official affiliate link) “Snuggie for Two.” There are some phrases I wish I’d never hear again but as a friend pointed out, my issue the “Couple Snuggie – Snuggie for Two,” might be because I have no one to fill out the other half of […]

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How I Would Handle the Philadelphia $300 Blog License

August 23, 2010.Blogging

In a stroke of brilliance, the city of Philadelphia, PA is considering making bloggers play $300 a year for a business privilege license in order to blog with an ad on their site. The art form once called “journaling,” is now being conceived as a potential to make money. And I thought only the sports […]

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Biggest BIN2010 Lesson Learned: Watching the Examples of Leaders and Friends

August 22, 2010.Blogging

The last few days at Blog Indiana’s BIN2010 were an absolute whirlwind. Liveblogging, catching up with friends, helping out wherever possible. I even pulled out the old Valet skills and handed out parking tickets the first day. I still don’t think there’s a “niece who was volunteering.” jk Of all the great lessons I learned […]

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Pre-Review: Corporate Blogging for Dummies by Douglas Karr & Chantelle Flannery – 5 Reasons Why I Recommend the Hell Out of This Book Before Having Read It.

August 10, 2010.Blogging

I trust little, “little” being an overestimation. I’m not a skeptic or a cynic, but I seldom accept the first argument. Unless it’s oldold man Finn. In a generation that pleads to lesser crimes and only reveals what helps them achieve their ends, for me to believe someone involves more negotiation than belief. Or faith. […]

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The Long Road Called the 33-Day Inbound Marketing / Blogging Challenge

April 29, 2010.Blogging.#legacy

Back in the day, Kristin Longacre came up with an idea: a 33 Day long Inbound Marketing / Blogging Challenge. Who am I to follow and not partake. In fact, this might be the best month to chronicle a month of blogging. That little flickering on the hairs on your arm are the winds of […]

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Another Example of How Blogging Helps Writing. Thank You, Otis Redding.

April 25, 2010.Blogging

Just like how the Gutenberg Press helped bring reading to the masses, so has blogging been able to give anyone w/ access to the internet a medium to allow their writings to be seen. For better or otherwise. I use blogging to allow my head to dance around a thought. Take yesterday for example. This […]

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If Content Isn’t Your King, You’re Enslaved

November 12, 2009.Blogging

I’ve spent the last 90 minutes obsessing over a 2.0 concept just because Chris Brogan wrote a post titled, “Content is Not King.” “I hate him sometimes,” lied Finn. The intent of the post was to reinforce the human aspect of social media – putting the “social” back into Social Media. As he put it, […]

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6 Concepts I Came Away with at 2009 BlogIndiana

August 18, 2009.Blogging.#meetup

(Chris Brogan with Duncan Alney of FireBelly at BlogIndiana. I’m trying to practice what I speak, I swear) I was glad to have had another year of Social Media / Blogging / SEO under my belt when I went back to BlogIndiana. Instead of trying to understand the language, I was able to bring poignant […]

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A 2009 Blog Indiana, “Thank You”

August 16, 2009.Blogging.#meetup

(Mass Ave, attorney Kenan Farrel on his 2009 Blog Indiana thoughts. Filmed at the Rathskeller after the Friday night session) I just finished 2009 Blog Indiana and felt as though I came away with much more this year than last year. Granted, last year I was still wrapping my brain around Social Media concepts and […]

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My wordpress app works!!!

October 22, 2008.Blogging

I finally got the iPhone 3g WordPress app working. As a co-worker told me, “The thing can be temperamental.” I don’t think I can get to the plugins, the spellchecker is left to be desired and, by God’s Holy light, be careful about closing out the app in the middle of a post because the […]

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