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And Project 03 Is… [a Motown Moment]

September 9, 2012.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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So, The Wolf, myself and a few others have been working on a project we’ve titled Project 03. We said we’d announce what it is on September 3rd, 2012. We were a bit quiet, but we’re no longer quiet.

Project 03 is…

…Going to be announced later.

WTF? Why?

It’s not because we don’t want to announce Project 03. We do.
It’s not because we’re not ready. We are. Or, as close as we’re gonna get to it.
It’s because there’s a moment to announce such things.

A Motown Moment, if you will.

We’re waiting for that ideal moment when everything syncs together like a Smokey Robinson gem or a Temptations groove. And though we’re at a point where there music where making is worth singing and dancing to, it’s not that perfect moment. It’s not that Motown Moment, yet. Or at least we think there’s a better song coming for use to our Project 03 to.

The Motown Moment Is…

There’s only a few times in a career where a life-changing possibility comes along, when David, Eddie, Otis, Blue & all clap in unison and swing sweet harmonies or when Smokey knew he had a little diddy that was going to shake up dance halls from Hitsville USA to Southern Georgia. Hell, maybe they didn’t even know the lightning they were bottling. Maybe they were just overwhelmed by the beauty they were a part of and were just too in Zen to notice and all the felt was the desire to sing & dance. Whatever it was, though Project 03 could be that project, it is not life-changing possibility to which we are referring. It’s a project we are a part of. It has us singing & dancing – when we’re not problem-solving.

And THIS Project is…

Somewhere around building & testing Project 03, we decided to tell 10 people to see if any of them would like it. We expected 3 to like it. Turned out that 10 loved it. So much so that we’re losing sleep, behind on pitches, promotions, marketing and, most importantly, development for Project 03 and over the next few days 4 of those 10 people all have deadlines at the same time. So it goes. They’re problems we’re lucky to have.
In those 10 are a group of proper villains with whom we are all too familiar with. They called us (actually, they called The Wolf) to have us (him) look on their game-changing project. One thing lead to another and now we’re all working towards a release date with hopes and preliminary tests that indicate this project could set some old industry haunts afire. We couldn’t say no. You wouldn’t have either. You’d a been a foo’.
Not only is it something that is taking up the majority of our time, but it also a project whose momentum would make for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to announce our little Project 03. So, we’ll hold the 4-beat a little longer…

We’ll announce Project 03 once this Game-Changer is live.

But, until then…

We added an agency layer to Project 03. It’s called BakedFinn.

BakedFinn is…

BakedFinn is the digital cross between the rustic specialty garage on the dusty back roads in the country that people seek out when they need some help on that part of their project they just can’t get working right and that Midwestern Bar & Grille were the food is just right, the drink is even better and the location is iconic.
We’re like that. It’s our heritage. It’s what we want to be our legacy to be: tasty internet marketing process, strategy and technology.
We are kind.
We are caring.
We love helping Good Peoples.
We specialize in three areas:

  1. Helping small businesses grow
  2. Developing big web projects.
  3. Building our own online web properties and stores to test strategies down and bring in residual income to help keep our prices low.

BakedFinn lives by a few rules:
We don’t dress up. – Usually, the more an internet marketer spends on his wardrobe, the tighter you should hold onto your wallet.

  1. No ties allowed – They’re kind of a health hazard, always flopping on the keyboard.
  2. The men don’t cut their hair unless they want to. – Like fathers, like sons.
  3. No kissing ass. – If our work doesn’t speak for itself, we have more work to do. Kissing ass takes us father away from our computers. You don’t want that. You want your project done and done right.

We care more about the people we work with more than the size & budget of the job. – Not that we want to go broke, but we like it when we grow when our clients grow.
And we like doing the work better than anybody else.

And is live

Like a classic old car being restored, our web presence still has a few website style & development tweaks, a couple more layers and one more night of powerpointing pitches but it’s purring like a kitten so we’re ready to start inbound marketing with it: blogging, social media, emails when we get them… contributing to our communities (they used to call them, “markets”).

And when new stuff is included I’ll have something on which to write about.
And, yes, BakedFinn is using Project 03. That should be hint enough.

Whatcha guys think about BakedFinn?

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