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BakedFinn is a digital marketing agency Chris Bake and I started to nurture the digital products and services we provide. We started small and kept it small to keep until we were ready. Test, learn, repeat. Learn the hard way either way, so in this case, we chose to bet small, lose small until we got wiser.

When we started, I could of course do SEO, PPC, Analytics, and Inbound Marketing (Social Media, Email, Blogging, Conversion Optimization...), but when it came to coding I could barely much more than simple HTML manipulation on blog articles. And when it came to design, I knew enough to ask a designer.

Now, My digital marketing skills have been updated so only does BakedFinn have the certs, but we've also become a Google Partner.

As for my coding, well, I'm now a point person on our team for HTML (5) & CSS(3), and I am preparing to learn the deeper elements of JavaScript. Then, PhP and me are going to become close friends. This means I can actually help debug on our online platforms. Who saw that coming?

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The BakedFinn hard launch is coming

October 22, 2012.Digital Marketing.#BakedFinn

I’m at that stage of the flu where I think I have energy and prepare to be productive. Then I blink and three hours of deep, unfettered sleep goes by. Well, two halves of 90 minutes because I can’t hide like I could at this time last year. Lists, lists, lists The last of the […]

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And Project 03 Is… [a Motown Moment]

September 9, 2012.Digital Marketing.#BakedFinn

So, The Wolf, myself and a few others have been working on a project we’ve titled Project 03. We said we’d announce what it is on September 3rd, 2012. We were a bit quiet, but we’re no longer quiet. Project 03 is… …Going to be announced later. WTF? Why? It’s not because we don’t want […]

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