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[Review] Why LifeProof FRE for our Google Pixel phone cases

January 19, 2017.Google Pixel.#mobile

If it’s true that good things come to those who wait, then the two month wait for LifeProof to release FRE for Pixel protective case was a great thing. Once it came out, Katie pounced on the opportunity to purchase two for our Google Pixels. They were among the priciest case covers, but if our […]

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[Review] Artworks Live Case: It's not worth it to protect your Google Pixel, probably

January 18, 2017.Google Pixel.#mobile

I only had the Pixel for a little over a week when I flew back to Chicago for 3 weeks to help my mother recover from her second knee replacement surgery in four months. LifeProof hadn’t yet come out with their phone case so I risked it and went without protection, relying on the water […]

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[Review] How we set up our Google Pixel & our first 30 days

January 17, 2017.Google Pixel.#mobile

I mapped out the essences of my Google Pixel first 30 days experience in case there was a specific section you needed to get to: Setup Tutorials Fingerscan Verizon Network settings Camera Optimization Google Assistant WiFi Calling What I’m liking Google Ecosphere Android User Experience (UX): alphabetizing apps Keyboard Talk to Text Power meters Louder […]

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How to export iPhone contacts and import them into Gmail. Here’s how I did it.

October 26, 2016.Google G Suite.#mobile

Here’s the recipe for how I did it from a desktop computer. Confirm your iPhone contacts are syncing with iCloud: “But, I hate iCloud.” Who doesn’t hate iCloud? But, for this, it’s a necessary evil. Sign into with your apple ID Click the Contacts App icon On the left-hand menu, click once on your […]

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