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When Developing a Social Media Department While Working on a Writing Career

October 12, 2009.Digital Marketing

When developing a social media while working on a writing career, one should be faithfully mindful of a simple concept: opportunity cost. Case and point: this evening. After 12 hours of work I warmed up some rigitoni as a part of my dinner. Instead of getting off the bed after inhaling dinner I laid there […]

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Valpo Chamber Social Media Workshop Over. Confluence Next?

August 26, 2009.Digital Marketing.#livemercial

(@NatFinn, @IAmFiction, and @Saan1911 give “Social Media for the Win” workshop at the Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce in Valparaiso, IN. The video picks up at the second half of the session, after the break) Yesterday, myself and three co-workers gave a Social Media Workshop titled “Social Media for the Win,” on behalf of the Valparaiso […]

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Social Media & Free Speech…& wanting to keep a career.

February 7, 2009.Digital Marketing

The concert is of Mike Doughty from December 7th, 2008 in South Burlington, VT. He’s with Andrew “Scrap” Livingston. The concert can be downloaded at As stated before, Mike Doughty has been my favorite lyricist of the past 20 years. You can follow him on Twitter at @Mike_Doughty_. Speaking of him, he better start […]

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My wordpress app works!!!

October 22, 2008.Blogging

I finally got the iPhone 3g WordPress app working. As a co-worker told me, “The thing can be temperamental.” I don’t think I can get to the plugins, the spellchecker is left to be desired and, by God’s Holy light, be careful about closing out the app in the middle of a post because the […]

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