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"How do I start up a networking group?" Well, here’s how we did it back home.

January 21, 2016.Marketing.#meetup

My buddy Dustin Paliga hit me up on Facebook Messenger with the following question: How would I go about starting networking events in Lansing so I can start growing the restaurant more? The restaurant in question is the newest from their family’s long lineage of great places: Bohemian Joe’s aka “BoJoes”, the

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Business Plan outline (update) template and resources I’m using for products, services, and the content engine that will move them.

October 19, 2015.Asana.#business

I spent the last seven hours going back over tasks in Asana and other online resources. What I plan to do next is update the playbook for our products & services as well as the content that will help propel the machine. I swear all I was getting ready to do was watch Cubs / […]

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How to set up Abandoned Cart Remarketing in AdWords

September 28, 2015.AdWords

I just finished putting the finishing touches on a cart abandon remarketing strategy primer doc for a client. Now, to work with graphics team. First things first…putting the directions down on paper: For this recipe, you’ll need the following ingredients: Access to the AdWords account: to set up the magic The remarketing pixel on all […]

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Nothing has to be ‘perfect’ perfect in Content Marketing / Blogging [The Bruer Sessions Pt. 1]

September 8, 2015.Blogging.#BiziPorts

I just took our buddy, Bruer, to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART train station so he can head back to his condo in The Region. Great stay. As always. Once again, he didn’t get a true “California” stay. On the first visit, he got to witness our private, legal wedding ceremony. On the second visit he only […]

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Decompression during Project 03 SWOT analyses

October 20, 2013.Marketing.#Project 03

With family situations on both sides of our household over the last year needing our undivided attention at times as well as a constant testing and refinement of Project 03, the load can take its toll if not enough rest is spaced out. We got to Friday night and crashed With our first weekend to […]

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First Time, Custom. Second Time, Template.

April 29, 2012.Marketing.#Project 03

This past week was somewhere between the most frustrating and the most rewarding week I’ve had in awhile. I don’t think I’ve answered that many emails since 2006 – my year at the old agency. But as the running theme of Project 03 holds true, the first time you do something it is custom, the […]

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But When You Have to Do a Marketing Strategy For Yourself…

March 5, 2012.Marketing

It’s 11pm. I’m on 2 hours of sleep as we were taking a wrecking ball to Project 02, and I’ve written 8,0000 words today already. But I told myself I have to keep blogging because as Douglas Karr would say, “Once you start you can’t stop.” And It’s Part of My Job Luckily, the Marketing […]

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K-Mart’s Forced Credit Card Survey Question & Why I Chose "1: I wouldn’t recommend ." Or whatever it was

February 15, 2012.Marketing

So I’m back home in Valparaiso, IN and I need to go buy some printer paper and check the PO Box. Logistically speaking the best place to get the paper is K-Mart because it is 4 blocks down the road from the PO Box. Unfortunately, I didn’t factor in checkout time nor the lack of […]

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