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Concluding Unscientific Preface to "How I Would Run the Valpo Life / Family Express Social Media Job"

August 24, 2012.Digital Marketing.#Project 03

Update 2012/09/04 Since I wrote this post there’s been a ton of interaction and, even cooler, a response by and the team. What did they do? They made it infinitely easier for people to verify the validity of the job as well as how to apply for it even if you don’t tweet anthing […]

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We’ve never built Project 03 before

July 11, 2012.Digital Marketing.#Project 02

The last three to four weeks have been as exhausted as I’ve been in awhile. That good kind of exhausted. Not that kind where the weight of the world is on your shoulders and it’s looking to recruit any and all comers to add to the misery. I don’t need to take a load off, […]

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First Time, Custom. Second Time, Template.

April 29, 2012.Marketing.#Project 03

This past week was somewhere between the most frustrating and the most rewarding week I’ve had in awhile. I don’t think I’ve answered that many emails since 2006 – my year at the old agency. But as the running theme of Project 03 holds true, the first time you do something it is custom, the […]

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What in the Blue Hell Is the Google Over-Optimzation Penalty

April 15, 2012.SEO

This is why I only make writing about SEO a part of the site and seldom get past the basics unless me or a client needs the information: because the rest is plumb stupid. What Do I Mean? At SXSW – South By Southwest – there was an SEO Panel. Matt Cutts, official Google webspam […]

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A Moment of Reflection During Project 03 Case Study #1

April 9, 2012.Digital Marketing.#Project 03

I’m sitting in the lobby of Project 03’s first case study. It’s 9:30 pm. The uber high ceilings of those beautiful rustic downtown structure is brilliantly lit with a blend of direct and indirect rack lighting. The cars of the main drag keep scurrying to my left as the sign of the corporate bank across […]

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Take a Wrecking Ball to Startup Project 02

March 5, 2012.Startup

It’s about 1:30am somewhere between Sunday Night & Monday morning. Me and the Wolf are putting the internet equivalent of a wrecking ball through the last of Project 02 as we take the pieces and fit them into Project 03 where available. There’s a part of me that’s sad about collecting up the pieces. The […]

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But When You Have to Do a Marketing Strategy For Yourself…

March 5, 2012.Marketing

It’s 11pm. I’m on 2 hours of sleep as we were taking a wrecking ball to Project 02, and I’ve written 8,0000 words today already. But I told myself I have to keep blogging because as Douglas Karr would say, “Once you start you can’t stop.” And It’s Part of My Job Luckily, the Marketing […]

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Leap Day 2012 #NWITweetup – Now THIS is a Meetup!

March 1, media.#meetup

It started with a text from a friend who’d gone radio-silent. CIA, NSA, NCIS…whatever something important he was doing that saved the world from Terrorism. Or just reading too many Daniel Silva books (Danielle Steele?). It turned into a, “let’s go for brewskis,” and spat out on Social Media and 5 days later: POOF! An […]

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K-Mart’s Forced Credit Card Survey Question & Why I Chose "1: I wouldn’t recommend ." Or whatever it was

February 15, 2012.Marketing

So I’m back home in Valparaiso, IN and I need to go buy some printer paper and check the PO Box. Logistically speaking the best place to get the paper is K-Mart because it is 4 blocks down the road from the PO Box. Unfortunately, I didn’t factor in checkout time nor the lack of […]

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Components of a Blog

February 10, 2012.Blogging.#Project 03

While working on Project 03, one of the questions we had to address was to ask what made a blog a blog. At first the question sounds simple. Spout off, “It’s like WordPress,” or “Drupal,“ or – God help me, “Blogger.” If you say The Social Network, in the beginning, Zuckerberg is liveblogging with vintage […]

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Real estate SEO notes for commercial Real Estate Disruption speaker proposal & for a client (for later use)

February 9, 2012.SEO.#Project 03

A buddy of mine, Duke Long, is putting together events called the Commercial Real Estate Disruption Events. He doesn’t dance around the benefits of the program: Free. Interactive. Innovation. Learning Sharing and Collaboration. Hackathon Start up Geek Fest. Networking and Face to Face. Oh yea and BOOZE! Duke did a call out for speakers. As […]

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NWiSM February 2012 update & the latest on #NWITweetup

February 8, 2012.Digital Marketing

I had the pleasure of spending last week with my old supervisior and another great colleague (they’re pictured above) helping the brilliant young minds of the Missouri University School of Journalism – ranked #1 in the country – prepare for the Google Online Challenge. They were eager, starved for knowledge and sharp as tacks. My […]

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The Speed of Collaboration

January 26, 2012.Startup

If you watch enough sports you’ll eventually find an explanation for every side of the story. The Bulls won their 6 titles because they had Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen & a 4-spot who was considered top 5 in the game at that time. First Horace Grant; then Dennis Rodman. But in 1997 it took a […]

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Going Back to Guest Lecture at the University of Missouri

January 25, 2012.Digital Marketing

I got it confirmed today:  I’m going back to guest lecture at the University of Missouri. My lecture topic: PPC / Adwords. Included in the lecture will be: keyword research list building campaign building ad copy writing landing page optimization and more So I’m told. I’m so looking forward to the trip.

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Never Do Offsite SEO Without Performing an Analysis First

January 23, 2012.SEO.#analysis

Had a buddy of mine call me up today in an East Coast rush. “Dude, I need some SEO done quick and dirty.” “Um, why?” I asked, now pissed that I turned down the volume on my first listening of Dizzie Gillespie: The Verve & Philips Small Group Sessions just to be pitched on spam […]

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Offsite SEO: Post-Panda Checklist

December 15, 2011.SEO

Offsite SEO. So Important. Such a pain in the ass. Especially with the way Google keeps changing everything. I take that back, It’s just become tougher to do because of Google Panda and the Machine learning. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact, it’s help give even more direction to the way […]

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How to Recover From Google Panda & Why It Might NOT Be Google Panda Penalizing You

November 17, 2011.Google

This year I was working on a website project I called the Summer of 210,000 Words. It was an aggressive experiment that focused on content and a mix of mostly white hat and a touch of gray hat SEO tactics. It started taking form around February 2011. It hit its stride in June 2011. When […]

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Google Panda's Engineer Is Named Biswanath Panda (not "Navneet") and I Hate Him. I Hate Him.

November 17, 2011.SEO

Update 2015-02-02: Mad, incredibly-belated shoutout to SEO By the Sea‘s Bill Slawski for pointing out that, yes, even Rand makes a mistake now and again. Google Panda’s Engineer is actually named Biswanath Panda, not Navneet. By the way, Bill. You’re gonna love it out here on this Coast. This is coming from a Chicagoan who […]

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6 Simple, Basic Tools to Master to Begin Digital Marketing

November 15, 2011.Digital Marketing

My new, old friend is a gifted marketer. It’s because she’s other-focused and entranced by music. Her only flaw is that she has a tendency to live in the 4th row of the concert of her own life because she’s so about helping others – and that flaw is a matter of perspective. At an […]

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