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Kinesis Advantage MPC USB / QD keyboard – after two-month’s use of a 2nd hand, 8-year-old machine.

September 9, 2015.Tools.#productivity

At the beginning of the year I called one of my best men, Gag, and started discussing my keyboard woes. I had just broken my 3rd Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse in about 9 months. I pointed out that before this run of bad luck that previously I went through 4 Microsoft Natural Ergonomic […]

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Nothing has to be ‘perfect’ perfect in Content Marketing / Blogging [The Bruer Sessions Pt. 1]

September 8, 2015.Blogging.#BiziPorts

I just took our buddy, Bruer, to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART train station so he can head back to his condo in The Region. Great stay. As always. Once again, he didn’t get a true “California” stay. On the first visit, he got to witness our private, legal wedding ceremony. On the second visit he only […]

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So that’s why successful people make lists. F***aduck.

December 15, 2014.Asana.#BiziPorts

I’ve never been much for lists. They’re claustrophobic, restrictive. They feel like shackles, chafing every bit of the day. They leave me shaking and shivering, disheveled. I hadn’t been to the gym in a week, again. I’m better. Now I’m on again off again. But while on the elliptical tonight  my thoughts eventually drifted from […]

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Taking a startup platform out of prototype is like having your memory erased but being left with a cache of notes

October 10, 2014.Startup.#BiziPorts

The long, hard road to getting back to Project 03 is back in my sights. Turn signal on, hand over hand on the wheel. I spent more time on it today than I had in the last few weeks. Of course, then we had a glitch so I spent most of the time looking to […]

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How Ello can stay ad-free and reach their goals. Probably. (Hint: #kcco)

September 25, media

As I eat here in this Subway for the second time today while our apartment is going through mold remediation, I find myself repeatedly checking my inbox for that f*****’ invite. Update, 2014/09/26 9:50am PDT: I’m in. A big, “Thank You,” goes out to Douglas Karr for the invite. What the Hell-o is Ello? […]

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10 special places in Hell for those news hacking Robin Williams’ death for a profit

August 12, 2014.Digital Marketing

I believe there are special places in Hell so ingeniously terrible that the mere attempt to describe them immediately changes their intent, meaning & purpose both in the moment in which they are described as well as their entire history. The hint of the fact I wrote that previous statement means all Hell’s intent is […]

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How workouts help my productivity & career (even if it doesn't help my LinkedIn profile)

July 30, 2014.Digital Marketing

It’s taken me years to come to terms with it, but I am still an athlete to some degree. A good one? Physically speaking, ‘Hellnaw. I’m about 55 lbs away from that, and when I get back to my playing weight I will forever be, “for my age bracket.” But as much as I try […]

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Katie’s Macbook Pro 2011 nightmares with the lack-of-Genius Bar and Apple Corporate

July 8, 2014.Tools.#productivity

Update: 2014/07/08 Four words: Palo Alto Apple Store. Seriously. After Apple Corporate said Katie would again have to have the Pleasanton store look at it, Katie did some Yelp!ing and Googling. She discovered a litany of positive reviews for their Palo Alto location. Apparently they’re under a little more pressure to do more than symptom […]

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2014 personal website reminders – the all nighter checklist

May 30, 2014.Startup.#Project 03

We’ve got 3 sites to push out with a couple more in talks and so I stayed up all night working on this site. Why? Because I’ve had a website since Jonathan Thomas showed me how to put up a WordPress site nearly 6 years ago and this is the first time I’ve ever had […]

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Zao Island’s 30,000+ Facebook Fans is but one reason to go to #NWITweetup tonight.

December 3, media.#meetup

Latest updates: the holiday party is kid-friendly, free pizza & @ZaoIsland 's latest event room renovations! #nwindiana #nwi… — NWIMeetup (@nwimeetup) November 29, 2013 I’ve considered on more than one occasion what Daver and my last #NWITweetup would be like. I’ve been looking forward to going out to pasture, sitting in the back with the […]

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From #SWOT to Product Offering Sketch Prep for the Project 03 #Startup

October 21, 2013.Startup

Afer a great weekend recovering with Katie, I should make this short and get back to getting up in the morning. This week I’m looking forward to finishing up sketching our final product offerings to take our next Euchre Session so we can decide when and what offerings should be available: Beta Stage 1 Stage […]

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Decompression during Project 03 SWOT analyses

October 20, 2013.Marketing.#Project 03

With family situations on both sides of our household over the last year needing our undivided attention at times as well as a constant testing and refinement of Project 03, the load can take its toll if not enough rest is spaced out. We got to Friday night and crashed With our first weekend to […]

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Passing on the #NWITweetup Torch

October 16, media.#meetup

Passing the #NWITweetup Torch I’m taking a break on the couch before Katie gets home, tracing the sleep-deprivation fog I wrote about yesterday that is still in my head. While horizontal I am texting with one of the Project 03 confidants who is in a similar place in her career as I am. She has […]

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Bake’s innovation has lead to the Project 03 Euchre Sessions

October 12, 2013.Startup.#Project 03

That last six months have been quite the adventure. An innovation Bake (The Wolf) threw into Project 03 has turned the project on its head in the most beautiful way. It took us 4 months to figure out just what the Hell the purpose for it was, but once we got into playing with it […]

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How to Order Proactiv While Avoiding the Auto-Ship "Scam"

January 22, 2013.Digital Marketing.#direct response

For those looking: Compare Prices at (official affiliate link) Proactiv comes under casual scrutiny regarding their auto-ship / continuity program. What is an auto-ship program? It’s like a magazine subscription but for different products. They’re typically used in DVD collections, supplments & enhances are beauty products. Proactiv is one of the biggest autoship programs […]

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Can I Use Two Blog Commenting Systems?

November 18, 2012.Blogging.#Project 03

So I’m scrambling to get the last bit of the thought leader sites together before I head out to Southwest Florida for the holidays. We’re running three thought leader blogs with a fourth blog starting in 2013. And that’s assuming we don’t do any writing for that game changing site that’s about to go live. […]

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The BakedFinn hard launch is coming

October 22, 2012.Digital Marketing.#BakedFinn

I’m at that stage of the flu where I think I have energy and prepare to be productive. Then I blink and three hours of deep, unfettered sleep goes by. Well, two halves of 90 minutes because I can’t hide like I could at this time last year. Lists, lists, lists The last of the […]

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[Review] Apple Maps in iOS 6: It’s ****!

September 25, 2012.Tools

iPhone Dread: Since I’ve upgraded my iPhone 4 to Apple’s iOS 6, I’ve been struggling with two of their recent updates. Go figure, they’re both Google-related. Removing YouTube & making it an app. One word: “Grrrr!” Replacing Google Maps with Apple Maps I’ve used Apple Maps three times since I updated my phone last Friday […]

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And Project 03 Is… [a Motown Moment]

September 9, 2012.Digital Marketing.#BakedFinn

So, The Wolf, myself and a few others have been working on a project we’ve titled Project 03. We said we’d announce what it is on September 3rd, 2012. We were a bit quiet, but we’re no longer quiet. Project 03 is… …Going to be announced later. WTF? Why? It’s not because we don’t want […]

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