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Syncing Location Extensions when AdWords and Google My Business are located in separate Google accounts.

March 10, 2017.Finn.18 Likes.0 Comments
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The situation.

An interesting question popped up when working with a client: my client used their own AdWords account to set up an account for their client. Not necessarily the MCC. Not setting up the initial account for the client in the client’s Google Account.

“Well, that doesn’t sound like a best practice.”

You’re right. It ain’t. Let’s call it a “family thing,” and try to move on.

That wasn’t even the weirdest part. The weirdest part is this: their client verified their business locations in Google Maps / Google My Business using their own separate account.

So, to recap: my client set up their client’s AdWords in my client’s AdWords account. Meanwhile, my client’s client verified the business locations in Google My Business using my client’s client’s Google Account.


Question: “Can we still sync the Location Extension addresses in the AdWords account even though the locations are verified in a separate Google account?”

And, the fun starts:

“Will I be able to see the location extensions in my MCC account when my client syncs with their client’s Google My Business account?”

Here is the test:

According to Google AdWords support threads, we should be able to do it if their client’s Google Account ads my client’s Google account – the one containing my client’s AdWords MCC account – as a manager on their client’s Google My Business account.

So, my client is going to have to have their client add my client’s MCC account to their client’s Google My Business Account. This should be fun.

The results? Pending, at the moment.

What I’m emailing to my client:

“Hey. Per AdWords support threads, the key to this is going to be the MCC accounts. Have your client set your Google account containing your MCC account as a manager on their Google My Business account. This should allow you to see their location extension feed in AdWords. Once your MCC account sees it, I should be able to see it.

“This might not initially work because you set up their AdWords account in your Google Account and not theirs, so you’ll have to make sure your MCC sees the account you set up for your client. The solution is worth the test.

“We set it up and give it a little time to populate. If it takes too long, we might have to call in and sort it out.

“Either way, we won’t be able to get the feeds to sync between Google accounts unless we use the MCC.”

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