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Redirects between subdomains [WordPress multisite] in WP Engine – so far.

July 26, 2016.SEO.#WP Engine

To split my site up into Digital Marketing and Writing, I had to take the Googley-Woogley posts out of my writing site and migrate them to this subdomain. To do it properly meant 301ing the URLs from the Writing site over to the Digital Marketing. I went to check WP Engine’s redirect page. It’s cool, […]

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Setting Multisite with Subdomains in WP Engine [WordPress]: What I need to remember in the future.

July 12, 2016.Digital Marketing.#WP Engine

Here’s what I did wrong when setting up the WordPress multisite feature in WP Engine I didn’t set the subdomain, which I had to do because I do not have the wildcard set for the domain in WP Engine. The error I was getting I kept getting a DNS error in my web browser. I […]

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How we can set [formerly 3, back to] 2 Google Voice Numbers to forward to our cell phones

June 19, 2016.Google.#note to self

The solution that worked for us Google Voice >> Settings >> “Forwards calls to:” [Pick your number] >> Edit >> “Phone Type:” drop down: Select one phone type for this Google Voice and set a different phone type for your phone number in the other Google Voice account. You have up to three phone types […]

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[WordPress] Contact Form 7 and reCAPTCHA Issues Solved...8 Years Later.

June 11, 2016.Blogging.#note to self

Article Outline My Issue was PEBKAC Other steps to try Quick refresher on how to merge Contact Form 7 to reCAPTCHA on WordPress Very Lost? Try these resources… Addendum: Why it took 8 years (Don’t judge me). After 8 years, I finally figured out how to get Contact Form 7 to work – with reCAPTCHA […]

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How to conduct online keyword research (or realize you already started and didn’t know it).

May 9, 2016.AdWords

If you’ve been following along in the How to Start a Digital Web Presence setup series, then to this point you’ve already started your keyword research. Surprise! If you haven’t been, first read our article on “Monitoring and measuring competitors’ online activities w/ these Tools.” “How so?” Because: You now use tools to monitor your […]

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Monitoring and measuring competitors’ online activities w/ these Tools. AKA, "Put on Ears."

May 3, 2016.Digital Marketing

Task List for this step Set up a new Google Account and record account details in your password / account storage files Subscribe to Email Alerts Subscribe to RSS Feeds Set up Google Alerts Social Media Tracking and Measurement with Hootsuite SEM Tracking with SEMRush SEO Tracking and Ranking Measurement with Moz The next step […]

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How I set up Google Analytics profiles. I do them the same for agencies, clients, friends, family, myself…

May 2, 2016.Digital Marketing

Here are the tools you’re going to need to perform the task. It’s essentially the same set of tools for any HTML / CSS / jS front end work coupled with some Google properties. If your website requires an FTP uploader, GitHub, or the like, you’ll need that as well. Requirements Your Google account Place […]

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Letter submitted to NWIMeetup The Originals: Bringing It Home 2016

March 3, media.#nwimeetup
Muir Beach. October 24, 2015.

The morning before the #NWIMeetup The Originals: Bringing It Home 2016 meetup, Chris Mahlmann emailed both Allyn Hane and I to see if there was a note or the like we wanted to pass along to the group since neither one of us would be in the same timezone as the event that night. I’m […]

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Essential Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Other Online Properties in 2016

February 18, 2016.Digital Marketing

Article summary Now, let’s begin with the first 21ish of 13 properties [you’ll see why] The next batch of properties you should get while you’re at it Other local directories that are worth it Video streaming content apps Incredible double-secret probation bonus tips: own the misspellings Before we begin, please note that doing business online, […]

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The First Step to Beginning a Digital Marketing / Web Presence: Get a Google Account.

February 17, 2016.Digital Marketing

I’ve written this step for a few digital projects over the years. It’s been nice to see that some things in digital marketing never change. Regardless of whether the digital marketing / web presence strategy is focused on eCommerce, Lead Generation, Direct Response, Branding, just goofing off with friends, or any and all combinations there […]

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You can find the AdWords, Google Analytics, and Bing Ads Certification Exam Questions online, if you really want them. Their answers? Well…

February 16, 2016.AdWords
be cautious

Article Outline The questions from all the tests are out there “What about the answers to the Google AdWords, Analytics, and Bing Ads exam questions?” Well, that’s another story If you really, really, want to consult those sites and their answers, go with the following: In the end, if you need the sites to help […]

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"How do I start up a networking group?" Well, here’s how we did it back home.

January 21, 2016.Marketing.#meetup

My buddy Dustin Paliga hit me up on Facebook Messenger with the following question: How would I go about starting networking events in Lansing so I can start growing the restaurant more? The restaurant in question is the newest from their family’s long lineage of great places: Bohemian Joe’s aka “BoJoes”, the

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Questions to ask premium WordPress hosting services. I hope.

January 15, 2016.Digital Marketing.#BiziPorts
Startup Stock Photos

Yes. Chris & I are currently building an enterprise-level e-CMS platform and yet I’m still looking at premium WordPress hosting solutions for a project. More on the why below. But first, here are the questions I sent WP Engine, Pagely, A Small Orange, and GoDaddy – with updates and amendments based on peer suggestions (thank […]

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Business Plan outline (update) template and resources I’m using for products, services, and the content engine that will move them.

October 19, 2015.Asana.#business

I spent the last seven hours going back over tasks in Asana and other online resources. What I plan to do next is update the playbook for our products & services as well as the content that will help propel the machine. I swear all I was getting ready to do was watch Cubs / […]

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Adding an additional AdWords account into your MCC: what to remember

October 2, 2015.AdWords

We’re launching a new AdWords campaign. I’m writing notes to remember everything we need to cover in order to include it into our AdWords MCC account. Here are the steps so far I need to account for: Privacy Policy update: Account Permission access & levels confirmation: Google Tag Manager confirmation: Google Analytics confirmation: Google AdWords […]

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How to [un]format the Google Docs "Smart Quotes" italicized quotes

October 1, 2015.Google.#BiziPorts

Where I first found the answer: I found the answer on Someone asked a similar question. Another member posted the pick and the path: Opened Google Docs >>> Menu Bar >>> Tools >>> Preferences… >>> uncheck the damned box. ****. I should have looked that up 5 years ago. Blogging using Google Docs can […]

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How to set up Abandoned Cart Remarketing in AdWords

September 28, 2015.AdWords

I just finished putting the finishing touches on a cart abandon remarketing strategy primer doc for a client. Now, to work with graphics team. First things first…putting the directions down on paper: For this recipe, you’ll need the following ingredients: Access to the AdWords account: to set up the magic The remarketing pixel on all […]

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Why Analytics and AdWords don’t always match: basic and advanced issues

September 11, 2015.AdWords

I just finished discovering the reason(s) Google Analytics report stats didn’t align with the Google AdWords reports for a client. There were two issues I had to address: Traffic discrepancy between AdWords and Analytics AdWords traffic not reporting in Analytics Here were the steps we took: Breathe. Focus. Remember Google Analytics is a trending tool […]

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