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[Review] Why LifeProof FRE for our Google Pixel phone cases

Its warranty, waterproof capability, our experience with LifeProof, and Katie's view on OtterBox sealed our decision.

January 19, 2017.Finn.13 Likes.0 Comments
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If it’s true that good things come to those who wait, then the two month wait for LifeProof to release FRE for Pixel protective case was a great thing. Once it came out, Katie pounced on the opportunity to purchase two for our Google Pixels. They were among the priciest case covers, but if our experience with LifeProof was any indication, the price was going to be an investment, not a cost.

So when I put the following reasons together…

…it made the decision a relative no-brainer.

The FRE is waterproof

As I’ve stated before, I have sat in a hot tub for 15 minutes with my old iPhone 5S still in my pocket. Once I realized it, I pulled the phone out and inspected it. It was good as new, thanks to its LifeProof cover.

These new FRE for Pixels claim the following:

  • Waterproof
  • Dirtproof
  • Snowproof
  • Dropproof

Not that I’m looking forward to the next time I inadvertently test another LifeProof case, but if they say it, I’ll believe it. I’ve seen it before.

Here’s a LifeProof video doing the Dirt Test

Here’s a review video doing the water test

LifeProof has a great warranty

The only issue I had on my last LifeProof was that after about 15 months, I wore the Home button cover on it. I took the cover off my 5S, took pictures of the case, using a pen to show the hole in the Home Button, submitted the claim on their website with the pictures, and they sent me a new one. No questions asked. It was so easy I sort of felt like I was stealing something.

We had LifeProof on our iPhone 5s

Like I said, we’ve had them before. If you’re wondering why Katie was the one who immediately purchased the FREs for Pixels after previously purchasing an Artworks Live Case for me? Well, she broke her iPhone 5S. It’s why we got Pixels.

“Broke it? I thought there was a LifeProof case on it?

There was. It was only when Katie took the LifeProof off her phone because she wanted another color, then left it off when it was near a suspected mold issue in our apartment, that she shattered her phone. Talk about when fashion crashes with safety.

I still hold my iPhone 5S on occasion, just to make sure it’s okay. It was retired before its time because we switched to Verizon. It’s still a good phone in need of a loving home, if you know anyone willing to adopt an AT&T 5S.

Katie hates the Otterbox

I’m going to have to ask her again, but when we were in the Verizon authorized retailer store purchasing the Pixels, I started looking at the Otterbox cases. They were cheaper…

Well, “sort of” cheaper.

If you buy the Otterbox screen protector, the price ends up being about the same as a FRE – which includes the screen protector in order to keep the phone waterproof, dirtproof…

The Otterbox was also out before the Pixel and came in twice as many colors (aka,”2″ – black and hot pink-ish). When Katie saw I was looking at the Otterbox, she was animate about not going with them – despite accessory discounts we would get for purchasing today – and said we’d wait. She does not like them, has told me twice, and yet I still forget. I’ll find out.

And, Hell, I already cracked the ArtWorks Live Case, so LifeProof’s timing couldn’t have been better – aside from being ready at the Pixel’s launch.

The "crack" does make it look a little like a vase.

Yeah. Started as a crack. Turned into a chip.

But, I’m in Heaven. It feels a little bulky, and we have to wipe the inside of the camera lens cover on mine because it’s a little blurry…

On Katie’s, the photos and video are still perfect. She remembers thumbprinting the inside of my lens cover on accident while confirming there was a piece covering the lens. The piece was so clear it was tough to tell.

…but with a little cleaning, I’ll stop thinking so much about my phone. If it stops working, it won’t be the LifeProof’s fault. I’ll just grab and go. Or toss and keep moving. And fidget spin it in the sky while lost in thought, or many of the other reckless things I do that LifeProof protects my phone from.

To see just how passionate LifeProof is about using their cases outdoors, check out their YouTube channel.

You’ll see them do some pretty badass adventures while having their phones in their cases. Here’s a #chargeahead series they did with Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla.

We were already sold on LifeProof. This just makes me want to go outside.

What do you think? Enough Proof of Life for the LifeProof?

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