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List of funny & snarky military and tech acronyms to consider updating this website to

August 8, 2018.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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Snarky, funny inside-joke tech & military acronyms make the world go round when the coffee cabinets are bare, the Rockstars are drained, snacks crumbs are licked up, and the focus music is already at 11.

I love tech & military acronyms so much, I want to rename the subdomain of my tech-ish day-job site after one.

Anything other than “WorkWith.” I’ve had buyer’s remorse ever sense I made it the marketing technology-ish subdomain on my website.

“WorkWith.” Ugh.

I’ve only kept it because I had it on work cards, but now the work cards are gone or lost in the move or somewhere in between, possibly by providence. Whatever the metta, I don’t have to have those vain things anymore.

But, seriously, what in the Photoshopped Stepford Hell was I thinking?

The only thing missing was a cheesy bleached smile and a catch phrase which screams, “I’m not Corporate. I’m nerdy. See! Look at my frohawk!”

Note: Katie’s card designs were incredible. I’ll keep those. My copy sucked, as is usually the case.

Are frohawks even a thing anymore? Don’t answer that. The effort to answer is out of proportion to my interest in it.

Focus, partner. Breathe. Here we go:

I’m thinking of going with a subdomain prefix that’s based on funny-as-Hell acronyms in tech-ish.

Here are my favorites:

  1. Halt and Catch Fire. Loved the history. Also, the best TV show no one saw, this side of Sports Night
  2. Reboot Computer, Slap Operator. Tat used to crack me up with this
  3. Carbon-Based Error. Epic
  4. Too Stupid to Operate. I was too stupid to realize what that was at first
  5. Error Smarter than Operator. I’ve had IT guys probably want to scream this at me
  6. Error Behind Keyboard. Often is
  7. “…As a Service.” Welcome to the Widget Startup Era. Don’t worry. There are still a few stragglers behind you. Both of them

There are also some great military ones I’m thinking about:

  1. Read the ‘Friendly’ Manual. I love this one. We had it as the manual for the old startup as a service
  2. Pure ‘Freaking’ Magic. A great way to explain it to someone who wouldn’t get the explanation
  3. ‘Freakin’ Magic. When a device that wasn’t working starts working
  4. Pure Magic – the even-more-pc-ed version
  5. Blinding Flashing of the Obvious. I’ve wanted to hit Tat & Bugh when they’d use this. But it’s awesome
  6. Clear as a ‘Freaking’ Bell. Timeless
  7. Clear as mud. Pc-ed
  8. Yes, sure. It also stands for “Stuff We All Get”, and if that helps you digest it, then sweet. But, in military terms, it also means ,”Swinging Wild-Ass Guess.” I wish it only meant the latter

Ones a bit on the nose, but serviceable:

  1. “X” used to be a cool letter. I love Alphabet’s X Development. But folks run to it kind of quick as a moniker
  2. Our Oregon LLC is “Finn Squared.” “F2” makes a good shorthand. But the “2.”Folks might think it secondary
  3. Writing out the “2” initially, but then it starts looking like drunk French spilling into Spanish
  4. Technically, it applies
  5. From the Mrs. “Let Me Know,” because I do ask for help, a lot

So, what letters should I use for this subdomain?

Or do I go with “Market.”

  1. The noun and the verb

I’ve always loved the concept of market. It would be as much economical analysis as it would be marketing. It would be 6 characters, and less is more in SEO. But, the word would make sense, and it’s 3 less characters than what’s currently on there.

Now that, too, is interesting.

“What? No SNAFU or FUBAR? WTF?”

And, yes, I’ve considered, “SNAFU” and “FUBAR,” as well, but those are almost too common vernacular anymore.

Whichever I go with, it’ll be better than “WorkWith.”

“What, again, is this site for?”

That might be part of the problem. I want to log and categorize marketing and tech adventures, but more than just “MarTech.” I want to go from blogging to Google to the Space Race, wherever my writings take me. That often leads past commerce.

Also, I hate the name, “Martech.” As much as I love and respect what my buddy DK does with his, “,” the combination of the concepts of “Marketing” and “Technology” always sounded to me like the brackish of ideas, not their synergy. Not his fault.

I hope that helps.



My buddy Theisen suggested the following:

  1. Too Long; Didn’t read.

Upon cross-examination, I learned he did read the post and suggested the acronym because, “nobody reads on the internet.” I get where he’s coming from.

Acronym Sources Included:
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