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Snuggie for Two - Couple Snuggies for Date Night (Bleh!!!!)

"Snuggie for Two." There are some phrases I wish I'd never hear again but as a friend pointed out, my issue the "Couple Snuggie - Snuggie for Two," might be because I have no one to fill out the other half of the outfit.

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Typically $19.95. Includes 30-Day Guarantee.

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“Snuggie for Two.” There are some phrases I wish I’d never hear again but as a friend pointed out, my issue the “Couple Snuggie – Snuggie for Two,” might be because I have no one to fill out the other half of the outfit.

Grrr. Seriously, can I go to Southwest Florida already?

Claims – Snuggie for Two

This Limited Edition Snuggie for Two comes with not one, not two but three sleeves. Yeah, 3 sleeves. The jilted (me), would find all sorts of posture and space issues to coordinate with this. Seriously, why couldn’t they shell out the material to get a 4th sleeve going? They could have passed off the cost in P&H.

Then I’m told that there are different fitting options couples could use. At that point, I just don’t want to think about it. (Warm beaches, far, far away…). And for those wondering, the Snuggie for Two measures about 81″ x 71″. Not sure about the hood height.

According to, the Snuggie for Two is “Perfect” for:

  • Cozying up on the couch
  • Watching Movies
  • Sitting Outside Watching the stars
  • Wrap Yourself Cozy in Snuggie Blanket Style
  • And much, much more!
  • (Bleh, Bleh, Bleh…)

Review – Snuggie for Two Complaints, Frauds, Rip-Offs, Scams…

The biggest complaints seem to becoming from me – the fact I’d have to clone myself to use it. But there isn’t a whole lot out there in the complaining front for Snuggie for Twos. Don’t get me wrong, there are Snuggie complaints out there. It was the hottest infomercial product since 2008 so they’re out there, but not for this particular brand. No complaints about unplanned conceptions or other unsavory behavior, so I guess that’s good.

Where to Buy a Snuggie for Two

You can find this limited edition Snuggie at its official product site:

(official affiliate link)

Is the Snuggie for Two Perfect for You, and that Significant Other?

Let us know…hopefully I’m safe and in Florida by then 😛 (No, seriously, if you have or want one and have thoughts, we’d love to hear about it!)

WAIT! You want to Customize that Snuggie?

I remember first hearing about a product called, “Snuggie,” back at the old agency. We were told it was going to be big and to look out for it. When we got a glimpse of the product we went, “huh?”

See, I have a Carhartt sweatshirt. I have three of them. They keep me warm and their durable. I have a robe. It’s flannel. And I have a blanket as well. We didn’t see the success coming.

But now, it’s almost hard not to expect that Snuggie was going to have customization options. What else would people like more than to have their name on their Snuggie. Self-Branding is all the rage.

What Is Custom Snuggie?

Custom Snuggie is as simple as it sounds. You like Snuggie? Want your name or logo on it? There’s a website for that: You can get the family, funny, kids, sorority, sports or specialty snuggie. The website is a cart site so you’ll have many, many options from which to choose.

Benefits, Claims & Features – Custom Snuggie

According to official websites, Custom Snuggie claims the following features and benefits:

  • corporate branding
  • school fundraisers
  • trade show giveaways
  • special event gifts
  • and much, much more

Custom Snuggie Complaints, Frauds, Rip-Offs, Scams…

Order Process:
We went looking and didn’t see anything that warranted red flags. Go on, snug away.

Product Performance:
It’s a Snuggie. What are you expecting it to do? So far there hasn’t been anything glaring regarding messed up branding or poor customer service so have some fun.

This is the kind of fun you can have with the Custom Snuggies:

Are You Ready for Custom Snuggie?

But WAIT! There’s MORE! You probably can still find it all at the Snuggie Store.

The days of our lives were never the same at the old agency when we were told that the biggest product of the season was going to be a blanket with sleeves with no backing. We were told that it tested through the roof and it was going to be seen everywhere. We shrugged it off. Next thing we know, Oprah‘s wearing one and interviewing the inventors and the product marketing company. And then it was on Rosie, and Ellen, and Matt Lauer‘s wearing them on The Today Show…

If we’ve learned anything in As Seen on TV, it’s been the following:

  1. Never bet against Billy Mays.
  2. Never disregard the answers of a focus group.

But with My Snuggie Store, has Snuggie finally just run its course, squeezing every last bit out of its 3 years worth of 15-minutes of fame? Or is it simply the next evolution in the story of a great product that’s graduated to becoming a shopping product much like Bendaroos?

What Is the Official Snuggie Store?

The official Snuggie Store is more than just an online shopping cart. It’s an archive, a shrine to the evolution of one of the greatest As Seen on TV products in Infomercial history. From the original pink and blues to the Scottish-looking Buffalo plaid print for Dogs and the you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it Monkey print Snuggies, all the ones you’ve seen on TV, all the ones you’ve ever wanted to own and all the ones you didn’t even realized existed, all the Snuggie prints are now in one official place.

And the people all said, “Amen!”

They should give online tours and run celebrity testimonials as well as one of those museum history of animated videos.

So, yeah, that’s the store in a nutshell-print Snuggie.

Benefits, Claims & Features.

According, the Official Snuggie Store has all the classic styles plus some new ones to add to your collection:

  • buffalo plaid (for dogs)
  • camoflage
  • leopard microplush
  • monkeys (a must see)
  • purple haze

Does My Snuggie Store Work? Complaints, Frauds, Rip-Offs, Scams…

Order Process: Snuggie was the biggest product this size of the Ginzu Knife or an Oxi Clean. It’s had its share of complaints. Hell, we forgot if we even review the original one since it was such a big success. So far, we’ve seen nothing in the way for the Snuggie Store. It’s not a typical single product DR (direct response) site. It’s more of a classic online shopping cart store. Prices and rates will vary depending upon which Snuggie or few you purchase. Take your time and pick the ones you like.

Product Performance: I’m filling this out because it’s part of the work assignment. Just remember not to treat it like a SnugWow and wipe your Cheetos on your fingers.

You won’t be betraying your Forever Lazy if you buy another Snuggie (hint:  Forever Lazy AND Snuggie are from the same place. They’re family and they’ll co-exist peacefully in your closet even when you’re wearing one of them). And don’t worry if you cheated on the Snug by sneakin over to a Slanket. You were in a self-destructive period. Snug gets that. And Phrobi wearers, yeah, we understand that diversity is the spice of life. But now’s the time to make sure your collection is complete and come back home to the original, the favorite, the only true Snuggie.

Customer Service:

P.O. Box 3179
Wallingford, CT 06494

hours:  Monday-Friday, 8:30am-10pm EST
phone: 866.642.6881

Custom, corporate, or for two, please let us know your Snuggie thoughts!

(official affiliate link)
photo credit: affiliate program
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