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If I Had But 2 Minutes to Tell You About Search Engine Marketing

March 8, 2010.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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Well, let’s see.

If I really only had but 2 minutes to sell you on Search Engine Marketing:

1) I would play the 90-second video from the Google Adwords home page – Google’s Pay Per Click Sponsored Search Engine Marketing Platform

and with the remaining 20 seconds I would:

2) Send you to the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide and tell you to read it when you have more than 17 seconds. [Update in 2016: Seriously, they’ve updated it since I first wrote this 6 years ago. Go back and give it another read.]

3) Reference you to the post I wrote on how to make landing pages so you could start to think about what offers you’d want to sell to your customers.

There would still be time left over for you to by me a Gumballhead :-). Seriously, Three Floyds doesn’t distribute to California yet. Help a Hoosier out.

Now our working relationship would be off to a tantalizing 2-minute start.

How did I do?

Before you get too smartass-y, ask yourself How would I sell Search Engine Marketing in two minutes or less? And? Yeah. 🙂

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