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Adding / Updating Payment Information in Google Domains? It’s through Google Wallet. Grrr.

October 25, 2016.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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From the department of, “Oh. Duh. ‘Glad there weren’t instructions for it.”

The Problem I was having

I was trying to update payment information in Google Domains. There were three of my past mailing addresses in there at the time. I was trying to put in a new one at Google Domains > Domain of choice > Settings (reached via the gray gear wheel icon).

I would put in the credit card information just fine, but when I’d go to update the physical address, it wouldn’t give me the option. It just showed me the line but wouldn’t accept text.

The Solution I figured out

I ended up at There, on the left-hand side (desktop) was a “Payments Methods” and “Address Book.”

Once there, I found all the payment methods and addresses being offered to me in Google Domains. So I took a few minutes, updated my payment information and addresses.

Then, I went back into Google Domains. All the information was updated. From there, my task went much, much quicker.

Sidenote: if you have Google Domains open in another tab when doing this task…

The rookie 101 mistake I made: if you have Google Domains open in another tab, once you finish updating the information in Google Wallet, refresh the Google Domains tab. This way, the information will be ready to go. Otherwise, the old data will be cached.

What I was doing when I discovered this issue

I was transferring all my domains from all the other domain manager accounts I had – Hostmonster, BlueHost, and GoDaddy – and putting them into Google Domains.

Other issues I ran into along the way

I know that Google’s going away from “Google Business Apps” to the much more porn-ish name “G Suite,” and they’re working on connecting things. But, they’re not there, fully, yet. Every time I clicked on Google Business Apps’ G-Spot to update, it would send me to the “vendor” from where I got the “subcription.” That “vendor” was Google Domains (yes, they are the same company, essentially). Buying the domains from there were called “subscriptions.” Whatever.

Then, I’d work on it from Google Domains, and they’d send me back to Google Business Apps.

To be honest, I had to Google why I couldn’t update it. These G Suite Administrator help / support pages weren’t helping:

I had to go check my Google Activity to remember the steps: From Google Domains, I clicked the 9-button grid in the upper right-hand corner (desktop) to view accounts. Then, when the pop-up appeared showing my most used products, I hit the “more” link at the bottom of the pop-up. From there, I saw the “Wallet” app and had an “Oh, duh,” moment.


It’s just one of those things you had to “know” from using Google.


Well, I hope I helped those who, too, have had this issue. Here’s to hoping I don’t forget this one lest I waste another Sunday night.

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