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Real estate SEO notes for commercial Real Estate Disruption speaker proposal & for a client (for later use)

February 9, 2012.Finn.0 Likes.2 Comments
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A buddy of mine, Duke Long, is putting together events called the Commercial Real Estate Disruption Events. He doesn’t dance around the benefits of the program:

Learning Sharing and Collaboration.
Hackathon Start up Geek Fest.
Networking and Face to Face.
Oh yea and BOOZE!

Duke did a call out for speakers. As for me, fresh off the University of Missouri guest lecturing and between building up #NWiSM & letting #NWITweetup settle back into the community – oh, yeah, and Project 03 – I’m jonesin’ for the opportunity to interact with folks. Enough days spent hiding behind this black box. Time to get out amongst the the people.

But I need a proposal. I think I have one:

I’ve got a potential client that is starting up a residential / commercial real estate office in the Santa Clara, California area: Palo Alto, San Francisco, Silicon Valley. Not a small feat by any stretch of the imagination but we’ve been doing some research on how to build and SEO a site for such an occasion. I think my notes and suggestions could tie in:

  • Industry Research – competitors, keywords, traffic,
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Domain Selection(s)
  • Content Strategywrite out sections (WordPressers, that would be your primary categories as well) about cities, neighborhoods, schools, economic stats, primary streets, locations of utilities – fire, hospital, police,
  • festival events
  • for commercial: maps and locations of commercial parks, downtown districts, links to zoning regulations (or rewrite them)
  • if part of an agency:  place for the xml feed for property specs for users to scroll
Then I would build the homes / properties for sale on top of it, slide them in the side columns like advertisements with full pages written out similar to:

In short, be like Mahlmann’s Valpo Life but include a section for selling the homes as well. If this was the McDonald’s Strategy, the content would be the hamburgers and the fries & drinks would be the homes – where the money is made. And if you want to go all Mahlmann out you can sell ad space to local companies and the like, get guest writers to write as well – turn it into a company.

It’s like being a city planner, but without all the bureaucracy and red tape and local politics.

To make it all the more fun, go with some simple contact / lead gen form in the side column. If the folks you work with are really good, you can get the contact page work per page.

You can even include Seminar / Lead Generation techniques of email capture, sms/text/email reminders and voip appointment scheduling. Turn it into a scheduling bonanza.

QR Codes.

God knows the world would implode if you didn’t add QR

In the end, write it for your customers.

Give them everything they think they’d need to know – their own, “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.” One so good you can use it as a reference when meeting them. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of having a damned website if you don’t use it? Make it a resource.

It’s a strategy pitched before

At a couple old employers with varying degrees of success. “Varying,” as in budgetary constraints. It’s also strategies I remember talking about with Doug Karr & Chad Pollitt at Blog Indiana 2010 (I hope they do a 2012. I want to liveblog some more!)

Well, Duke Long, should I turn this into my proposal?

Would it work? Yes, I can cram the finer points into 20 minutes

What Would You Add / Subtract to this?

photo credit:  em ka be via flickr
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