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99 Weeks Lasts 10 Weeks (so far) and the Trip to the University of Missouri

February 6, 2010.Inbound

My 99 week plan was cut short by 89 weeks, and that’s alright by me. I had a week of work where I felt more refreshed at the end of the week than when I started the week. That’s a good sign. I was also afraid being unplugged from the inbound marketing industry for 10 […]

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Third SEO Boy Post and the Week Ahead

December 9, 2009.SEO

I just finished my newest post (to be published tomorrow AM at 6:59 CST) for SEO Boy. It’s about the importance of keeping your blogging, SEO, Social Media efforts as if every day leading up to Christmas is Cyber Monday. It’s a tactic my old boss preached last season and it’s a tactic more people […]

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My First SEO Boy Post and More Good News to Come. Hopefully

November 19, 2009.SEO

I sent my first post off to the editor at SEO Boy at the end of day yesterday. Except the end of day in Bloomington, IN is an hour earlier than the EOD of Valparaiso, IN. Damned Region CST. A mistake that won’t happen twice. But given the whirlwind, I don’t think anybody minded. Being […]

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99 Weeks Week 1 – The First NWITweetup As a Free Agent

November 17, 2009.SEO.#nwitweetup

In about an hour I get to go my first #NWITweetup as a free agent. The last few I’ve gone under the banner of the employer. Luckily a few things seem to be going my way in my plight to be my own employer. Hopefully those things pan out a little better in the coming […]

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If Content Isn’t Your King, You’re Enslaved

November 12, 2009.Blogging

I’ve spent the last 90 minutes obsessing over a 2.0 concept just because Chris Brogan wrote a post titled, “Content is Not King.” “I hate him sometimes,” lied Finn. The intent of the post was to reinforce the human aspect of social media – putting the “social” back into Social Media. As he put it, […]

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Special Second Tweet-Up Held in Valparaiso Tonight

October 6, 2009.SEO.#livemercial

A final reminder for Northwest Indiana Twitterers and Tweeps to mark your calendars and update your crackberries: livemercial will be hosting a “Second Tweet-Up” at Pikk’s Tavern in Valparaiso, IN tonight, TUESDAY October 6th. And when you get there, let the people at Pikk’s know you’re there for the tweet-up and then head on down […]

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My 2009 ERA D2C Experience – Blog, Twitter, Social Media and All

September 29, 2009.SEO.#livemercial

(Jennifer Crawford of HSN, Sullivan Productions, and QVC England was our host for the corporate promotion. Yes, she accidentally bumps into Anthony Sullivan as he’s filming “PitchMen!”) Throughout all the chaos of having my flight changed from the company jet to Northwest Airlines – with a layover in Minneapolis – so the team could make […]

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