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Can I Use Two Blog Commenting Systems?

November 18, 2012.Finn.0 Likes.1 Comment
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So I’m scrambling to get the last bit of the thought leader sites together before I head out to Southwest Florida for the holidays. We’re running three thought leader blogs with a fourth blog starting in 2013. And that’s assuming we don’t do any writing for that game changing site that’s about to go live. Some are on of the blogs are on project 03 but others are still holding onto WordPress. We did that on purpose to keep in touch with the other systems out there.


As I started updating this site for a responsive redesign, I played around with commenting systems. I still don’t have a favorite. Disqus is close. Facebook discriminates Google. We don’t have time to make one as cool as Mashable yet. But as I put in the Facebook commenting system above the Disqus system on this site, it dawned on me:

Why can’t I have two blog commenting systems on a site?

I mean I have a disgusting amount of social sharing icons on Sharebar which is on the left side of this post (unless this is mobile. In that case it lies above this post). I have personal sharing accounts links and links to the website’s Facebook & Google Plus Page. The Pinterest pages will be coming shortly – unless I use my personal account for this site (time to read all that fodder of people who “know how” to use Pinterest Business accounts 47 seconds after the company launched the feature). I even have have a couple links to the emails but I only had Disqus and their commenting still involves multiple clicks for people to share their comments on social media.


This, still the tradeoff between Disqus & Facebook Comments.

So I ask aloud, “can I run multiple commenting systems on a blog?”

What do y’all think?

I think I’m gonna try it for awhile. I don’t always write for people who have Disqus profiles. The Wolf & I are six months away from even attempting to build a custom commenting system.


I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

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