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From #SWOT to Product Offering Sketch Prep for the Project 03 #Startup

October 21, 2013.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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Afer a great weekend recovering with Katie, I should make this short and get back to getting up in the morning.

This week I’m looking forward to finishing up sketching our final product offerings to take our next Euchre Session so we can decide when and what offerings should be available:

  • Beta
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Final Round

The SWOTs made a big difference.

No matter how deep one is in the industry, no one has a complete picture of all the players in the game. A market is always changing. That said, with the 20 companies we probed we found a lot of additional things we hadn’t thought of, other things we knew we were on the right track about and, our favorite, the things we had that made us build the platform to begin with.

My favorite part of the SWOT

We’re trying to find that fine line where we build something or wait till later. I wasn’t even thinking about partnerships and integrating other apps that are simply incredible, faithful to their stakeholders and are always forward thinking.

It will allow us to provide everything we think our customers will need without trying to be all things to all people

And it will allow us to keep the price down, improve time to market, and be responsible for less things.

It means it allows us to play to our strengths

And give everyone a very strong product.

I’m looking forward to hearing the opinions during the next Euchre Session

When’s the last time you had to design a product offering?

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