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Decompression during Project 03 SWOT analyses

October 20, 2013.Finn.0 Likes.5 Comments
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With family situations on both sides of our household over the last year needing our undivided attention at times as well as a constant testing and refinement of Project 03, the load can take its toll if not enough rest is spaced out.

We got to Friday night and crashed

With our first weekend to ourselves in awhile and first night together in a few days, Katie & I crashed out – after we had dinner with Red & mama and played Euchre.

That game keeps coming up

24 hours away

And we go through the next day, recovering from the running around. I think we finally caught up on our sleep, getting up in time for dinner. 🙂 But the relaxation and releasing of emotion was much needed.

There’s still many dishes to do, things to clean, rooms to organize, and groceries to buy but for a day or so, we were able to rest.

Then she fell asleep and I finished our Project 03 SWOT Analyses

All 20 of them.

What’s a SWOT analysis?

It’s a 4-square chart depicting Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of whatever you’re analyzing. You probe through their purposes, probabilities, threats to what they do and you make bullet points in each box that goes with each point.

Why 20 of them?

Because Project 03 has no direct competitors as of yet, but several indirect competitors, all with strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that we learned a lot from, it took 20 SWOTs to cross-target enough of what we have to whittle away at what we don’t have in order to make sure we know what we have.

Next step: Product offering outlines

Once I get those narrowed down for our beta, stage 1 and stage 2 release, we’ll be able to finalize a production needs, schedule and division of labor. Then I’ll spend the next year writing the equivalent of a bible of text or so, but so goes with things needed to get Project 03 ready to go.

So long as I remember to decompress often enough to make it to the finish line

That said, it’s 3am, again. I should be back in bed.

Anyone else ever have to write so many SWOT analyses?

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