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One of the elements for me to get them infernal books finished and published is my career. As a digital / internet marketer, I didn't want to do the public speaking / write an eBook / get my own infomercial route. I wanted any notoriety I achieved to be based on something substantial that was accomplished instead of telling people that I was successful so they believe it.

My career path took to developing an startup platform along with an agency. This is the section where I talk about our progress with the startup platform. Once it is ready for more of a public market I will quit using the name, project 03 and go with its real name. In fact, I think we finally decided on the name.

As for the rest, please see the latest updates below.

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How I Would Handle the Philadelphia $300 Blog License

August 23, 2010.Blogging

In a stroke of brilliance, the city of Philadelphia, PA is considering making bloggers play $300 a year for a business privilege license in order to blog with an ad on their site. The art form once called “journaling,” is now being conceived as a potential to make money. And I thought only the sports […]

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Thank You for the Support, Guys. But We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet.

April 19, media

I wrote a post yesterday I felt compelled to write. And I confess that I was nervous about the reception. But, once again, y’all overwhelmed me. Thank y’all for the affection and support. Not only was it revitalizing, but the suggestsions really caused me to pause and think. I don’t dabble in much social commentary. […]

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