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Taking a startup platform out of prototype is like having your memory erased but being left with a cache of notes

October 10, 2014.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
Home/Blog/Startup/Taking a startup platform out of prototype is like having your memory erased but being left with a cache of notes

The long, hard road to getting back to Project 03 is back in my sights. Turn signal on, hand over hand on the wheel.

I spent more time on it today than I had in the last few weeks. Of course, then we had a glitch so I spent most of the time looking to see when I could start working again. But so it goes.

But we’re back at that place where we get to take our startup project from prototype to the the end-user stage. It’s like adding a second coat of white paint to a wall previously painted black. It can be cumbersome to sort out where to begin and feel like everything is gray for a good long while but, eventually, everything is as pure as the gulf horizon.

I find myself going back over old notes to see I wrote more than I thought

I was happy to find the old documents. I didn’t feel like I was starting completely all over again. Just partially all over again. I found old how-to docs, user agreements, as well as the old SWOT as well as drafts of the features list. Now, to put it in investor-facing and client-facing documents.

More importantly, we have to put everything together in order so we can get phase one of the project done.

I have to start again. Draft 2. I’m using some checklists from Enterepreneur.com and a copy of Design for Software: a Playbook for Developers bought awhile back.

Now, to draft out the 4Ps of Marketing Project 03.

Up first: Product

So here’s the start: Project 03 is named BiziPorts. I’ll start calling it that from here on out. No sence talking around it now.

What is BiziPorts?

Phase one will be a seamless fusion of eCommerce and Content Management systems with a few tricks up our sleeves. The website is still under construction but you can sign up to get notified for the beta:

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