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The Speed of Collaboration

January 26, 2012.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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If you watch enough sports you’ll eventually find an explanation for every side of the story. The Bulls won their 6 titles because they had Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen & a 4-spot who was considered top 5 in the game at that time. First Horace Grant; then Dennis Rodman. But in 1997 it took a last-second center acquisition to save their scoring asses. Miami’s big three lost in 2011 because they went up against a team who remembered that all 5 guys on the court playing together can be 3 w/ two standbys. The recent Celtics teams proved both sides because they didn’t win again until they got the Big Three together but it also took a second-year point guard playing out of his head and a center who was playing beyond his pay-grade to succeed.

It only shows that it’s easier to win with collaboration & without a Michael Jordan than with MJ & no collaboration. Sorry, Mike.

The Ballad of Two Collaborations

I’m in one collaboration where the partner is being Michael Jordan and I’m just now becoming his Scottie Pippen and another one where I’m playing Jordan to one of the partner’s Pippen while the others have yet to take off their warm-ups. And in that second one, the cameras are rolling.

And I’m Stuck in the Middle

Like that Sweet Sunset in Georgia

I was hit by a ray of sunshine today when I was considering options. I pondered picking up the slack on that second project while the others warm up but then I let the sunshine in, faced it with a grin. I was illuminated to the possibility that if I start picking up too much of the slack too early that a Michael Jordan-esque effort might be expected of me once the chemistry is solidified. It would leave me praying for rain.

On the way to the gym I realized that it was the same mistake as Daver and I were making when we were waiting for others to jump in and help with #NWITweetup. We kept pushing and pushing. Once him and I let go to see what would become of it, other social groups popped up that we’re happy to be a part of. Now, we get #NWITweetup to be the community resource we always wanted it to be. Because we wanted to be a part of the community.

Then I realized that I was making the same mistake in my personal life:  gripping.

Like Those Old Savvy Veteran Pitchers

…who learned that in order to get that snap on their pitches that they have to let up on their delivery. It’s the younger pitchers who start throwing hard to make up the difference and get lit up like a Christmas tree.

Baseball season can’t get here soon enough.

Collaboration goes as fast as the slowest contributor. I’ve been on both ends of that spectrum. At this point, if I stretch myself I’ll lose them both. And as The Beatles sang,

“For tomorrow may rain so, I’ll follow the sun.”

“Yeah tomorrow may rain, so…”

And all those other things I try to learn as I go along.

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