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Bake’s innovation has lead to the Project 03 Euchre Sessions

October 12, 2013.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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That last six months have been quite the adventure. An innovation Bake (The Wolf) threw into Project 03 has turned the project on its head in the most beautiful way. It took us 4 months to figure out just what the Hell the purpose for it was, but once we got into playing with it and saw how our clients could use it when it’s done, we jumped at the chance to take Project 03 in this direction.

An example of how it shook things up

Our initial plan was to move this site over onto Project 03. We let it sit for awhile as we use this and a couple other WordPress sites as test bait, but that was before Bake’s Innovation. I took myself off of blogging on this site with the thought that it would starve me into spearheading Project 03 along to launch. We were thinking more along the lines of launching it around Christmas.

But it’s gonna take longer

And that’s okay

With input from startup industry professionals like Kelly Schwedland, our clients and friends like Ryan Wright, we’ve decided to take it to the point where we’ll know it’s ready because the OldOld Man will be able to use it.

It’s lead us to the Euchre Sessions

Every week or so we get some friends together, usually on Wednesday night, to grill burgers, throw back a couple beers and look at Project 03 for a little while. The Fresh eyes on the project have been a breath of fresh aire, but we can only talk about it for so long (so many beers). And since we’re all becoming great friends and all found a likeness for Euchre, we shut down the meeting at the end of the night and break out the cards.

I hope it continues. The area startup community might grow one card game at a time.

As for Project 03

It looks like it’s going to be a Spring / Summer launch. We’ll be calling in favors left and right when we lead up to that day. But the change allows us to possibly take the project to new heights and turn it into something for customers. That in itself is worth the reshuffling of the deck.

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