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Take a Wrecking Ball to Startup Project 02

March 5, 2012.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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It’s about 1:30am somewhere between Sunday Night & Monday morning. Me and the Wolf are putting the internet equivalent of a wrecking ball through the last of Project 02 as we take the pieces and fit them into Project 03 where available.

There’s a part of me that’s sad about collecting up the pieces.

The Wolf saved the last of the content into a database and forward it to me. He told me I’d have to put up a skeletal frame in order to see any of the work again.

I told him that all that was left was journal entries from a past life.

They’re best left there.

So What the Hell is Project 03

Project 03 is in test mode. We’ve had a couple successful starts and in the next couple weeks they should be come case studies from which an announcement can come closer to be made. It’s a bit exciting, the sleep will be little, the risks will be huge but in the end, hopefully it gets me that much closer to finishing them books of blues.

And with a little luck, it won’t become a keepsake that’s best left for a past life.

Thanks for the patience and support. Here’s to hoping that faith is rewarded soon!

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