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How to Inbound Market in an Age of Skepticism – Edelman Trust Barometer 2010

February 8, 2010.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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I’m sitting here in my friend’s office at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. The first class I taught went surprisingly well. Of course I broadcasted the event on UStream but didn’t record it. Mistakes to be corrected tomorrow. I was also happy to see I had so many asking questions, staying attentive, and stopping by after the session.

A radio show just finished up and we’re waiting for the director of the show to stop by and discuss what more we can do to his site. I like the site, like the content, but already have a list in mind.

Anyway, while catching up on blogs I came across one HubSpot just posted regarding the Edelman trust barometer survey of 2010 which polled the trust people have in traditional media markets and marketing methods. The numbers were compared to the results gained in 2008.

What it showed was, across the board, that half as many people trust their news sources as compared to 2008. Even word of mouth plummeted to 25%. Here’s a link to the Edelman 2010 Trust Survey regarding media / marketing outlets.

Of course the running joke would be, “If those trust numbers are so low, would anyone trust the survey?” But assuming they might, the question would be:

How to Get People to Trust You Using Inbound Marketing 2010

I ask the question because for the most part I’m not sure about the answer. I’m looking forward to testing it out, but I have a few theories I’d love to get y’alls advice too.

Things I’m Going to Focus to Maintain Trust

1) We Are Family – continue to focus on Trust. Continuing to add links from where I get sources when the article calls for a source and then explain in the notes why the source is important. Marketing is all about fraternization and positioning. Keep the fraternity partying and don’t haze the newbies.

2) Run with Friends – As Brogan & Smith’s Trust Agents would indicate, I will continue to highlight why I publicly acknowledge my friends when I acknowledge them.

3) Be the first – Trust in society usually starts again when someone lends a hand. There’s a power that stems from being the first to trust, to take the leap of faith. And if someone tries to bite that hand, their’s justification for beating them back into the depths of hell from whence it came.

4) Candid – My friends are often upset by my “freedom of information act,” when it comes to their stories. I don’t keep their secrets unless they officially call them a secret. I try to do this when marketing as well. I’m not one for hiding the warts. I’m one for lasering them off in public – usually while on Ustream or something

5) Smile – These times suck a**. Might as well admit to it. Blues it. Identify it. Know that them days are gonna get better.

Trust in the day and know today will help tomorrow.

What approaches are y’all gonna take in this trust-less environment?

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