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So that’s why successful people make lists. F***aduck.

December 15, 2014.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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I’ve never been much for lists. They’re claustrophobic, restrictive. They feel like shackles, chafing every bit of the day. They leave me shaking and shivering, disheveled.

I hadn’t been to the gym in a week, again. I’m better. Now I’m on again off again. But while on the elliptical tonight  my thoughts eventually drifted from beating myself up to thinking about everything I ever wanted. I envisioned my guitar case and saw myself not playing what was inside, again, tonight, officially putting off my Martin & Les Paul for 7 years straight. Hell, at least they made the trip out here to East Bay. I thought about those books of blues and realized they’ve never felt farther away from being finished. I started thinking of everything I needed to get done before I could get back to them:

  • Finish drafting out the features, function, mission and vision of Biziports
  • Go from a basic to an elite advanced understanding of JavaScript – including Node.js, jQuery and probably Express.js (you’ll find me at until Summer)
  • Draft out content schedules for BiziPorts, RTFM (How To’s), one more client blogging schedule
  • Write about three books worth of content for BiziPorts, both on the website(s) and the admin
  • Develop a really, really rudimentary PHP skills and prepare for The Wolf to drop the “we’re switching to Ruby,” bomb on us.
  • Help draft UX and code the Admin Interface frontend – and I’ll probably have to code it three times because the first two attempts will be so bulky it will border on laughable – but I’ll have learned
  • Tweak up three more AdWords Campaigns and get them running strong
  • Update my AdWords & Analytics certifications
  • Somewhere in there, plan and have a wedding ceremony [Katie edit: and bachelor party]
  • Remember that, along the way, not to suck as much as a husband as my father

And, lo and behold, a f*****’ list.

I’ve been like this since October 24, 2014. That’s when my desire to get to the things I love superseded my hatred for having things categorized. So that’s why successful people make lists. I’ll be damned.
On that day I became a list junkie.

We also taught a 7-year-old-girl the value of lists.

Our neighbors across the hall have a 7-year-old daughter who has been learning how to write paragraphs and papers. The school system around here – acclaimed as it is – isn’t slowing down to let her catch up. So we started to teach her how to make lists so that when she writes, she’ll know the direction the paragraph is going. This will help her with her problems adjusting to Common Core, being the youngest in her class and, more so, remembering the ideas.

Within a couple Sundays she’s gone from struggling to come up with the required 5 sentences to cranking out 7-8 sentences with ease. More than that, she’s been enjoying the creativity she’s been able to express now that there is a structure in place to keep track of it all.

When she becomes the next great writer from The Big Sur, I hope she remembers us.

Her inspiration has sent me to using what I hate most to keep track of lists: Apps.

What I’m using to make lists: Asana


photo credit: 2014 press kit


Asana’s free model project management system is actually pretty good. It’s covering all aspects of my life. I even put apartment chores, Christmas lists, grocery lists, and every bit of things into it. And, I can hook it into Google Calendar. My favorite part is giving Katie chores to do through it. [Katie note: if only I didn’t also use it for work and never bother checking my personal gmail account’s Asana…]

The app for it is pretty cool as well. At least that how it is for me on my iPhone 5s / iOs 7, whatever. I haven’t tested any others.

The results:

Tasks are starting to feel like innertube rides down rivers: fast and hurried. We’re about halfway through the BiziPorts Form, Function and Features list. It’s turning into the Bible. Chris will probably throw up when he sees all that’s in it. But from the playbook, once all the nooks and crannies are agreed to, it becomes the recipe for all the tasks, division of labors, and marketing and pitch materials to make. Not to mention the content Table of Contents.

All the other content work is going from daunting to do-able. I’m not making lists for every aspect of everything. I even have a list for that.

I became a list guy and I don’t see any chafing anywhere

All I see are things that used to feel so far away now appearing on my horizon. Let it flow.

Some links I read to reaffirm my need to read lists

As for the rest of my life

Much to tell. Much to share. But, I have friends and family first to tell. After I write a holiday letter to them, I’ll update here – if Katie will let me share :-D. Otherwise, I’ll go with where I want the site to go.

But, first, I’ll have to make a list of the ideas.

In the meantime, here’s a Spotify Christmas List of ole’ favorites of mine. Try’m out.

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