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Leap Day 2012 #NWITweetup – Now THIS is a Meetup!

March 1, 2012.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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It started with a text from a friend who’d gone radio-silent. CIA, NSA, NCIS…whatever something important he was doing that saved the world from Terrorism. Or just reading too many Daniel Silva books (Danielle Steele?). It turned into a, “let’s go for brewskis,” and spat out on Social Media and 5 days later: POOF! An #NWITweetup. Like from the days of old.

#NWITweetup on Leap Day 2012? Was that Planned?

No, but when you get good momentum going with friends, you get lucky sometimes.
One pushes the idea – welcome back, secret agent PHD
One facilitates it – me.
One knows where we can get half-priced margaritas and a reserved table – therein you go, Sarah.

And word of mouth takes over. It was beautiful!

No expectations, no ROI. Hell, I only saw one business card and that was because of a job change. Just good times and good friends and relationships renewed.

And if you missed it…

You missed duck faces, social media, bacon and shrimp tacos, old friends, new friends, bulls games, forgotten wallets and bedroom eyes & the rare high-pitched laugh caught on video.

Sorta like this…

As for the next one

Daver and JA Fields will be sorting out the details for a wine tasting in early-mid April. JA is a renown wine expert and he’ll be taking the group through a journey of vintages and blends. We’ll probably charge $5.00 a person just to give something to the staff and for that, y’all are going to get to sample $500 or so worth of vintages. I think that’s a good ROI.

Who Can Come to a #NWITweetup

Well, for the next one you have to be 21 and older. As for all the others, so long as you’re legally allowed into the restaurant or bar – provided you haven’t been previously kicked out of the establishment where the event is being held, then you can come. 🙂

As for the Business Stuff – NWISM

We’ll let you know when the rest of the volunteers catch up with their responsibilities.

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