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If Content Isn’t Your King, You’re Enslaved

November 12, 2009.Finn.0 Likes.2 Comments
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6- Content is King - from Jack BogdonI’ve spent the last 90 minutes obsessing over a 2.0 concept just because Chris Brogan wrote a post titled, “Content is Not King.”

“I hate him sometimes,” lied Finn.

The intent of the post was to reinforce the human aspect of social media – putting the “social” back into Social Media. As he put it, “Content is currency. You’re the king.”

I am a fan of the idea. Not just ’cause some would call me a Broganite (reading his posts make up for me not going to church enough :-)), but because the purity of his ideals are the standards for which we should strive.

And, “yes,” I’m still the same idealist I was at Denominational University.

That being said, content is and always will be our king in the 2.0 space, especially when graphics and video are included within the term. How do I know content will always be king? Well, I just tried to tell y’all my reasoning using telepathy but y’all didn’t receive it in this post (except @ktatgenhorst). Or y’all are ignoring me. So, I had to put content in this medium to tell you or you’d never hear it.

As I commented on the post, content is one’s essence in action. It comes through via our message. Our message goes through a medium. In this case, blogs, tweets, 2.0 tools, email and the like…

Content is essence in all aspects of life, from a 2.0 world to a metaphysical endeavor.

Content is our substance, no matter how we convey it. If you don’t embrace your essence, you become enslaved to it.

There was more because the post made me rethink everything. Find me tomorrow as I talk about who i think the kings of 2.0 really are.

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