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Sometimes It’s Good Not to Be the King

November 13, 2009.Finn.0 Likes.2 Comments
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They are coming...
(amazing the things you find when you flickr search “not the king.” Flickr photo by Don Soto)

The essence of Brogan’s post “Content Is Not King” from yesterday was:

“Content is currency. You’re the king.”

Yesterday I reaffirmed my belief in why Content will forever be king. Today, I reaffirm why You and I are not the King.

Surmising what I commented on Brogan’s post:

On a personal level we are in control of our message. On a 2.0/inbound/social media marketing/new media (seriously, we need to pick one name and go with it) scale, you probably aren’t the king. Brogan is a king. Truth told, (yes) Perez Hilton is a king. People like Douglas Karr and Kyle Lacy are Lords, a revolution away from their thrones. Most of the rest of us are Merchants, working to gain our lands and prosperity.

But who knows what the future holds.

To quote Brogan’s comment on my reply:

“I really loved the “rise of the merchant class” part of this. In fact, maybe that’s another story to write about. Very very cool.”

Sometimes, it’s good to be a Merchant. Not bad for a social media bluesman.

…until the next revolution

What dos ye say?

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