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The Long Road Called the 33-Day Inbound Marketing / Blogging Challenge

April 29, 2010.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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Back in the day, Kristin Longacre came up with an idea: a 33 Day long Inbound Marketing / Blogging Challenge.

Who am I to follow and not partake.

In fact, this might be the best month to chronicle a month of blogging. That little flickering on the hairs on your arm are the winds of change starting to perk up.

Come May, I should have finished AdWords certification. At least the exam portion. I’ve always been the search guy who wasn’t AdWords certified [at the time]. Google Analytics instead, shoot me. So now I have to sharpen up my savvy and get the credentials. My career calls for me. And my desire for it parallels so I’m going to have my weekends wrapped up. Playing around with PPC in the last few months was like coming back home to an old friend. I forget how intertwined SEO and PPC is. Well, I don’t…but I forget they’re THAT entwined…

May might also be the month where a buddy and I resurrect our musical duo. He’s up from Atantla, still has the blues in his belly, and now all we need is to realize we’re out of excuses not to do it.

And we’re getting too old not to. I hope I can get more info out of it. Long story, before I jumped headlong into Internet Marketing, I was a 20-something looking to jump headlong into internet marketing, write a book of blues, and start a band. Well, the book needs editing (hint, hint), the career has taken off, and now it’s time to get the band back together. Him and I played a little in February. That’s when I learned how out-of-shape my fingers were. And that’s quickly changing.

My friends’ around here will also be a hot topic. I pray for them. Their plight distracts me. What they’re going through enrages me. But I hope , as George Harrison once sang,

“All things must past.”

And then there are them books of blues…

So, yeah, this ought to be an adventure.

Have you ever taken a 33 Day Inbound Marketing / Blogging challenge?

If you are, help me stay accountable. I will do the same.

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