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Another Example of How Blogging Helps Writing. Thank You, Otis Redding.

April 25, 2010.Finn.0 Likes.1 Comment
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Just like how the Gutenberg Press helped bring reading to the masses, so has blogging been able to give anyone w/ access to the internet a medium to allow their writings to be seen.

For better or otherwise.

I use blogging to allow my head to dance around a thought.

Take yesterday for example.

This weekend has been a weekend of writing, though I have put very little to paper. Not all writing is done on paper. In fact, very little is done on paper.

In this case, the little writing I did was on this blog post. I was blotting the other major influence to my web presence – Otis Redding’s (Sittin’ on the) Dock of the Bay.

In a couple weeks, I’ll start working once again on my Book of Blues Prequel. And because of the thought that went into last night’s post, as well as the memories revived as a result of the thinkings, the beginning of my book of blues prequel will take on a different shape and feel in the beginning.

Less country, more soul.

And because of it, I figured out a way to put yet another scene along the water. And I can ease my way out into the valet parking lot and show how change sucks. And is killer on the knees.

Yes, it’ll make sense in time.

Do you use blogging to help your writings?

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