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Pre-Review: Corporate Blogging for Dummies by Douglas Karr & Chantelle Flannery – 5 Reasons Why I Recommend the Hell Out of This Book Before Having Read It.

August 10, 2010.Finn.0 Likes.4 Comments
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I trust little, “little” being an overestimation. I’m not a skeptic or a cynic, but I seldom accept the first argument. Unless it’s oldold man Finn.

In a generation that pleads to lesser crimes and only reveals what helps them achieve their ends, for me to believe someone involves more negotiation than belief. Or faith. Or grace…

and whoever wants to can take the dogma for a walk.

But I have faith in Douglas Karr.

And if Douglas Karr‘s going to steal time out of his obnoxious schedule to write an instructional manual, I’m going to read it.

I’ll read the book on blind faith.


Why I would recommend Corporate Blogging for Dummies without having read it, yet

5) Marketing Tech Blog is my favorite industry blog: I was learning from the Marketing Tech Blog before I knew of its founder. And for those who don’t know, the founder is DK.

4) Nice wins: You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who gives more of himself. Any one who remembers Doug, his friend Bill Dawson, and the Blog Indiana crew traversing a dominating Region blizzard to give a presentation to the natives at the Boiler Room – as opposed to rescheduling – will remember the passion he and that crew had to do their part to help put the Midwest Economy ahead of the curve for a change.

3) A Valpo thingCorporate Blogging for Dummies was co-written by Douglas and Chantelle Flannery, Vice President of Firebelly Marketing of Indianapolis – & a Valpo HS grad. I can’t help but support that! Not only that, but Chantelle went to school with a few of my friends. I’m hoping she can give me the dirt on them. I need some more leverage. 🙂

2) BeanCup – Down in Indy where many Social Media companies reside, there was this magical place called the Bean Cup. I drove down their last Halloween to witness its closing. What I found was a little shop at the end of a strip mall on a side street in South Indianapolis. What I discovered was an enchanting little community that had blossomed thanks to friendships, great food, and a little SEO and social media. I helped give the BeanCup an additional sendoff. Doug and I started blogging about the evening sendoff party, put the event on uStream, tweeted, shared it, engaged in conversations and even lip-synced to Bohemian Rhapsody. It was the first time I felt my skills were being used for good, and the event changed my career and my life. I can’t help but thank DK, Paden, and the Carrs for the experience. (I also know who I’m getting to paint my house 🙂 )

And the #1 reason I’d recommend Corporate Blogging for Dummies without having read a single word…

1) I learn from Douglas Karr – I listen and read a lot of industry stuff, again and again. I have had the privilege of meeting quite a few of those writers and I like a lot of what they have to say. But the one I learn from the most has been Douglas Karr. He always gets deep into the heart of SEO, Social Media, and business blogging, yet keeps the language simple and succinct so even beginners can grasp the most complex of concepts.

In a couple or so days, I’ll have read the book and at that point I’ll let you know if the reading was worth my predicted hype.

Have you read Corporate Blogging for Dummies yet?

What did you think?

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