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My wordpress app works!!!

October 22, 2008.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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I finally got the iPhone 3g WordPress app working. As a co-worker told me, “The thing can be temperamental.”

I don’t think I can get to the plugins, the spellchecker is left to be desired and, by God’s Holy light, be careful about closing out the app in the middle of a post because the recovery doesn’t always work – hint: save right away after recovery because no matter HOW much you write after you recover, it’ll save back to the recovery point. So yeah, if you’re going to slip out of the app and pause your iPod or check a text, save before you close or you’ll have to go through my present hell of having to rewrite half of this. Grr.

But, yeah, the limitations come at a better-than-fair trade for what a user gets in return. And what the user gets in return is – as William Wallace would have said, “Freeeeeedom!”

I find writing paradoxical. Like Alaadin’s genie might have said, “Great big powers; itty-bitty living space,” (Robin Williams in Disney’s Alaadin). I hope I quoted that right. I’d double-check, but I already had enough fun with the recovery. I’m not quite in the mood to dance with that devil again.

But with this iPhone 3g and the WordPress app, I can write and think from anywhere. No, I don’t write cell phone commercials. No, I ain’t getting paid – that’s another site and then I’m only artificially flowery as i’m am paid, and even then I admit to it in advance. But with this iPhone 3g, I just like the ease of having this thing everywhere with me – home, work, play, travel… – being able to write, shoot pics (and video, once I figure it out) and publish when the movement is on my shoulder (“la, la-la, la, La / La, La-LA, LA” – Lennon/McCartney). Like Wolf Blitzen staying at the right hotel at the right time, every time I’m out n about.

Even when you’re chillin’ at your grandfather’s, watching the 2008 World Series. Oldold man Finn says, “Hi.”

You better believe the iPhone sleeps on its own pillow next to me at night.

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