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Take a Wrecking Ball to Startup Project 02

March 5, 2012.Startup

It’s about 1:30am somewhere between Sunday Night & Monday morning. Me and the Wolf are putting the internet equivalent of a wrecking ball through the last of Project 02 as we take the pieces and fit them into Project 03 where available. There’s a part of me that’s sad about collecting up the pieces. The […]

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But When You Have to Do a Marketing Strategy For Yourself…

March 5, 2012.Marketing

It’s 11pm. I’m on 2 hours of sleep as we were taking a wrecking ball to Project 02, and I’ve written 8,0000 words today already. But I told myself I have to keep blogging because as Douglas Karr would say, “Once you start you can’t stop.” And It’s Part of My Job Luckily, the Marketing […]

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