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With TweetUps, the AfterTweetUp Is the One to Attend

November 19, 2009.Finn.0 Likes.4 Comments
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The Most Interesting Man In The World and DJ Quickie MartWe’re getting better with our TweetUps in The RegionChicago South Suburbs to South Bend. We’ve got a cool one coming up in December – if you like bowling. And Lord help the poor Ghet who doesn’t tie in charity / non-profit when sponsoring our get-togethers.

I think #NWITweetUp will grow from a fad into a solid movement yet. That’s exciting. Credit goes to James Barath, Steve Dalton, Dave Woodson, Kathy Sipple and the rest of the clan for keeping the dream alive.

I’ve been asking around the TwitterVerse about how other TweetUps work. I seldom hear positive things outside of:

  • “Yeah we get people to come.”
  • “Yeah, we have good conversations.”
  • “Yeah we network.”
  • “Yeah, we get free appetizers.”
  • “Yeah, there are good drinks.”

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Looks like New Hampshire has it down to a science. (And if you get 3 minutes in and simply can’t watch anymore, it’s okay to stop. I did.)

Makes a great party. But how do you grow a TweetUp?

Many people talk about what to do to make it better. Few do much about it.

Then it dawned on me…

A few of us left last Tuesday’s NWITweetUp, went across the street, and talked about how we could continue to help create a self-sufficient 2.0 community in The Region. A couple Gumballheads and a few good laughs later and it dawned on meĀ  that we were already doing the next step in TweetUps – the AfterTweetUp.

How to Have an AfterTweetUp

  1. Invite those in the area interested in 2.0/inbound/social media/inbound marketing to the TweetUp.
  2. Meet as many people as you can at the TweetUp
  3. Find which people you want to want to know in greater detail – business, cultural, dating…whatever.
  4. When the TweetUp dies down, take them across the street and have an AfterTweetup.

No two people have the same goals or objectives when going to a TweetUp. Some want to party. Some want contacts. Some want both – and they’re usually the coolest because they usually buy rounds. The trick is to find people who will harmonize with your objectives and drink…NETWORK with them. Or just hang out with your friends. And if you’re realllllly lucky, you get to do both.

Unless, like next month, “across the street” is an old brick house then in those cases, adjust and find the nearest establishment.

Proof our TweetUps still have room to grow. We don’t have these:

Green Bay TweetUp Badge

(above image from Flickr’s BeerLuver. Top image from Flckr’s DJ Quickie Mart – if only we could get The Most Interesting Man in the World to the NWITweetUp)

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