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Lafayette Tweetup Tonight – LiveBlog on (If Possible)

December 7, 2009.Finn.0 Likes.0 Comments
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Doe Crossing the Tippecanoe River
(Looking forward to heading down towards the Tippecanoe River and take in a tweetup)

I’m actually trying to convince myself to go to bed early so I can get in a fair amount of client work before I head out to Lafayette, IN for their tweetup. I’m looking forward to the event. Not only am I looking to answer the question, “What do other tweetups do?” I’m also looking forward to listening to Douglas Karr speak.

If I can, I’m going to liveblog it for

Doug is truly one of the great people in the industry. Not only does he do great work, but his work makes a difference. He’s helped Indy’s 2.0 industry grow. He’s helped companies and even competitors understand the business. His co-opetition philosophy has probably cost him some potential cash and clients and my fear is that some day, if he’s not careful, his generosity could result in him being the one in the local industry without a chair when the music stops.

But in the end, Douglas Karr helps make Indiana better.

And if he does get left without a chair, may the good Lord have mercy on the Indy 2.0 community. I’ve been itching for a Revolution. But, the community there is filled with great people so I doubt that will be the case. At least they better hope that’s not the case…

If you’re going to the LafayeTweetup tonight, let me know or come over and say, “hi.”

Speaking of Revolutions…

I’m actually jonesin’ for a good revolution. Halloween night at the Bean Cup triggered something in me, stirred something I thought died¬† – the will to fight for something worthwhile. It’s been awhile since my work efforts have gone to something that made life around me better.

I need a good fight.

Do you have a cause that needs an outspoken soul to pitch in and help? Let me know

(photo credit:¬† Marty Jones “Birds of Indiana” via Flickr)

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